All About the Hair

Hair is something that has defined communities (particularly the black community) for a long time. As an African American women I can only speak for the black community. In black communities hair is a significant aspect of black culture. It plays a critical role in developing character especially the barber shop and beauty shop culture. As an African American woman I have done a wide variety of hairstyles that go along with my texture. I’ve even jumped on the bandwagon and gone natural. Going natural was such an emotional journey for me. In a Eurocentric society beauty standards tend to revolve around predominantly white standards of beauty. If your hair is not sleek and straight, people tend to perceive you differently. Going natural allowed me to embrace my Afrocentric roots. It taught me to love my hair despite the uniqueness in texture.  Plus, it made my hair a lot healthier. In the past, I have dabbled my hair into everything from weaves, to braids, to crochet, to my natural kinky  curls. Whatever your hair path is it is an act of self expression. Be who you are and let own your doo.