Body image is a sensitive topic that pertains to both men and women. Since I am a women, I’m going to discuss the ways in which body image affects women. We come in all different shapes and sizes and individual body types. Whether your thin or curvy body image is your perception of yourself. Like many women, I sometimes struggle with body image and body confidence. I have a curvy but muscular frame and I’ve struggled with my weight. Recently, the topic of body image occurred to me as I was clothes shopping. It seemed like none of the clothes were fitting me. I was definitely a couple sizes larger. This fact weighed on me like an ominous load. Its so silly how a certain number whether its on the scale or in a dress size can impact your self perception. For some reason, a larger number  often equates to a lower self esteem. I use to be an incessant scale hopper checking my weight multiple times a day. It was unhealthy. I’ve never had an eating disorder but I have done some pretty foolish gimmicks to get me to reduce my weight. However, over the years I have learned to accept my body for what it is. Although, I still struggle sometimes with my body image I have learned that what I have is beautiful. I know it sounds cliche but a healthy body is a beautiful body. Currently, I am working on losing weight not to fit into a particular size but to be healthier overall. It so sad how our society focuses so hard on the superficial aspects of beauty. We tend to drift toward supermodel thin or a certain type of curvy to define what is beautiful. My advice for any one struggling with body image issues is to embrace what and who you are including your flaws. My other piece of advice is to work on making your body healthy. Fit is the new sexy.

Thanks for listening ,