Count Your Blessings

When I say the word blessings many things come to mind. Blessings can be financial, spiritual, physical, and more. As we embark onto this New Year it is crucial that one is accountable of their blessings. To begin with, studies have shown that showing gratitude improves ones life expectancy. It also makes you a happier more fulfilled individual. Whether minute or large every one has blessings. The very mere fact of life is a blessing. A lot of people take things for granted. However, when you stop and take a moment to count your blessings you get a greater appreciation for life. For example, this year I iam especially grateful for good health. Last year I had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for months. Being in a hospital environment made me cherish my home and the state of normalcy. That is why I am so grateful for good health. Health is your greatest wealth. One way you can be more thankful can start with your food. When you eat if you say grace you are putting positive vibes into the universe. Saying grace means that you are thanking God for the blessing of provision. Not everyone has food to eat. When you say grace you are acknowledging the blessing that is having nourishment. This year make an active effort to count your blessings. You won’t regret it.