Waiting to Exhale

Uncertainty is the way of life. Every day as human beings we go through life with no certainty for the next day. Life in itself is a gamble. No one is promised tomorrow. All you can do is trust in a higher power that they might grant you protection. In life we deal with numerous waiting periods as well. If your pregnant you wait for a baby. If you are in the army, you wait to be drafted. For me one of my greatest anxieties this year has come from waiting for college acceptances. That is such a nerve wrecking experience because you do not know what to expect. For me, praying has always been the key while waiting for something. I have learned that praying consistently yields great results. Another tactic while waiting for something is to devise a back up plan. For example, if you are waiting for a school acceptance have a back up school ready in case you do not get accepted. Back up plans create a greater sense of security.Furthermore, while “waiting to exhale” one can divert their attention to something productive. If you are preparing and waiiting for a job, you can further your education or add some more credentials during the waiting period. Waiting is not an easy task but with proper planning and productivity your wait will be worth while.