Self-Expression is probably one of the most significant aspect of human life. As humans we have the urge to show our identity. Self-expression is the epitome of life as human beings. Without it, we are no different than animals. Self-expression defines our life. It gives us something to distinguish between. However, self-expression is probably the most repressed thing on earth. Throughout time, there has always been a way in which self-expression has been repressed or subdued. In pop culture movies like Footloose or the Hunger Games show ways in which ones personality or forms of identity have been suppressed. Fortunately, in modern times self-expression seems to be celebrated. We are in a society in which we have numerous freedoms to do practically anything we want(as long as it doesn’t cause harm). As Americans we have been so privileged to have freedom of speech, religion, press, and more. In other communist based societies such as China even some forms of social media are restricted. Whether its clothing, music,dance, hair, writing, there are so many ways to express oneself. As you go about your day, don’t take self-expression for granted. I encourage you to find a niche that allows you to be your most unique self. When you find your self-identity you’ve gotten half way to the meaning of life. Life is about embracing who you are and living that. Remember to express yourself today.