Fulfilling Your Dreams

What is the meaning of life? What is your purpose? What is your passion? What is your drive? These questions are some of the most profound topics and discussions that you can have in life. I am a firm believer that everyone in the world is destined for something. We are not placed on earth just to merely survive. We all have callings and gifts bestowed to us. As I go through my last year of high school and on to my first year of college, this topic has come to my attention more often. Over the years I have had to pinpoint my passions and my interests and decide what I want to be. In the past, coming from a Nigerian-American family I felt compelled to follow the traditional route for a career path. In my culture, the predominant career path, is to be a doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, or engineer. For the majority of my life I was convinced that I wanted to be a doctor. However, at the tender age of 13 I discovered that I did not want to truly be a doctor. Afterwards, I convinced myself that I wanted to be a lawyer. This notion came to me primarily for the monetary reasons instead of the passion. When I contemplated this thought for a while I realized that the monetary factors are not good enough to decide to follow a certain career path. Then, I came across journalism. A career in journalism was something that I had thought about before. For my 8th grade mentorship program I even shadowed a medical journalist at University of South Florida. Unfortunately, I had dismissed my destined career path due to money. Recently, I have learned to embrace this career path despite the monetary outlook. Specifically, I want to pursue a career as a reporter. Nonetheless, I still have an even greater passion for another career field. I haven’t really expressed this very much to any one else but have decided to express myself through this blog. Apart from my journalism passion, I would love to pursue a career in music and acting (primarily music). I am an avid song writer and would love to express myself through music professionally. Even though this is a major dream of mine, I know that I have to be cautious and realistic. A career in music is not very lucrative and takes a lot of luck. Thus, I will focus on my journalism career first. I wanted to share this because I know how important it is to fulfill your dreams. Notwithstanding, it is important to make realistic goals for your dreams. For me that means that as soon as I establish myself as a reporter, then I can potentially think about a career in music. My advice would be to first get the highest level of education possible. Your education is something that no one can take away from you. Then, go out and make your dreams a reality. Fulfill your passions but have an active back up plan.

Thanks for listening,