The Daniel Fast 1.0

As the New Year progresses, I find it very important to detox your life. When I say detox , I’m not necessarily talking about those restrictive juice diets that you hear celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow doing. I’m talking about emotional, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation. There’s something about the beginning of the year that makes you want a fresh start. One of the ways in which you can detox your life, is through fasting. Now, fasting comes in many shapes and forms and there’s many different varieties just like picking a candy from a candy shop. It mainly derives denying something from your life to focus on strengthening yourself spiritually. One of my favorite types of fasting is called The Daniel Fast. Some dogmatic preachers do not consider this a fast but like I mentioned before, fasting is just denial of something. The Daniel Fast is a vegan lifestyle. However, it comes with other restrictions such as no sugar, salt, and white starches. I have done this fast for a couple of years now and have seen immense benefits. Two years ago, I did the Daniel Fast for 100 days. We had a significant amount of prayer points including my sisters medical school acceptance. It was beneficial but quite demanding. This year I am doing it for 21 days. I will be posting some of my insight as I go along through the journey. Not only does this fast revive me spiritually but it nourishes my body. I lost nearly 15 pounds on the Daniel Fast that year. Despite the success on my body, I plan on being more spiritually in tune this year. I am currently reading the bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is a major feat but I’ve always wanted to do that. I start January 11th. I am extremely excited for this fast and what God has in store for me. I will keep you all updated.

Thanks for listening,