In life Kryptonite is not just for superman. Everybody has a weakness. The goal in life is finding out what your kryptonite is and evaluating how to manage it. Your weaknesses can be in your personal life, eating habits, relationships, and more. This Achilles heel may be something that you can’t seem to control like an addiction. I haven’t shared this with any one, but for a long time I would say that I had a non-diagnosed eating disorder. I struggled with body image and finding my perfect size. I often compared myself with my naturally skinny sister who had an overactive thyroid. Unlike her, I had the tendency to gain weight alot faster. I remember in the 4th grade I weighed like 65lbs and was sobbing because I thought I was fat. This struggle followed me into my early tween years in middle school. I would overexert myself with exercise. I would tie heavy wraps on my stomach to make it look flatter. I would also try to eat significantly less. Once, in a time of desperation, I even Googled how to throw up. I wanted to be skinny by all means. I guess you could say I had an addiction to “fitness”. Then, in high school I started embracing my body more. I realized that I would never be stick-thin and that was ok with me. I currently say that even though I weight the most I have in my life, I am healthy and am genuinely happy. Maybe your kryptonite is falling for the wrong guy. Maybe its being fearful and timid. Maybe its spending too much money. My advice to anyone that is going through an addiction or bad negative repetitive cycles is to talk it out. Even right now, as I am writing this I feel significantly better for sharing this. Talking about your issues may seem difficult but trust me it is much better than sucking it all in. Furthermore, another way to defeat your kryptonite is finding the root of the problem. Why is it that you keep falling into negative relationship? Why do I keep overeating? What triggers myself from getting into arguments? Once you know the root of the problem, you are half-way there. Lastly, I would advice anyone who is dealing with a weakness to seek spiritual clearance. As a Christian,thinking about the love and grace of God gets me through everything. Knowing that there is some one there that is accountable for me gives me some stability. Think to your self “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do). I hope I gave you some helpful tools for overcoming your personal kryptonites.

Thanks for reading,