Who are you?

Every one has an identity. Your identity is what makes you a unique human being. It is what you describe yourself as. It is your epithet. It makes up who you are. There are several different forms of identity. These can be your age, sexual orientation, race, socioeconomic background, and more. How your perceive yourself tells a lot about your moral character. It shows the standard you want to set for yourself. As we age, we often discover who we are. As a child, your self identity is very vague and uncharted. As a teenager, and a young adult your are able to start figuring out the pieces of the puzzle that makes you a unique human being. Self-discovery can be quite difficult to do. For some, people find self discovery by going through a rebellious phase. This phase often encompasses breaking rules, experimenting with substances, and being just flat out unruly. I definitely would not recommend that. Personally, one of the ways in which I have learned self identity is through prayer. When you have a spiritual outlet to connect to your self identity is something that is based on your spiritual enlightenment. For example, I identify myself as a child of God. I am the daughter of the most high king. My worth and self-perspective is based on my Christian principles. These principles tell me that I am someone that is fearfully and wonderfully made. It also says that I have value and I am loved by the most high father. I would also describe myself as a Nigerian American. Both my parents are Nigerian and that has definitely influenced who I am as an individual. For example, the culture highly regards respect. Thus, I am a highly respectful person. I always make sure to say “yes ma’m and no sir”. My etiquette amongst my elders is that of great reverence. Despite the strong ties of my Nigerian background I would describe myself as an American. As an American I embrace the diversity of this melting pot in which we live in and live like a typical American teenager. Another way to find yourself is by identifying your interests. What do you like to do for fun? What activities are you good at? Identifying these interests will help you pinpoint the qualities that make up the individual that you are. Why is it important to know your self? It is important to know yourself because without self-discovery we are vulnerable to falling emotionally. For example, if you don’t value yourself as an individual, you are bound to do things that are detrimental to you such as getting into a bad relationship or doing things that are harmful to your body. A sense of self-worth something that everyone needs to develop. When you have self-worth your life becomes more valuable and you live more purposefully. Your overall well being will be happier. I hope you learn to discover your self. That’s all for today.