From the title of this post, you might think that I’m making an ode to the popular Frozen song “Let it Go”. However, I’m here today to discuss a more sensitive matter. My goal today is to talk about forgiveness. Forgiveness can be one of the most challenging things to do in life. As human beings, we have the tendency to hold onto things that have given us burdens. We often carry the load of things that our Lord and Savior would be glad to handle for us. Holding onto baggage can only detour you in life. Storing the baggage of hurt, can only cause strife. It makes you a negative person who will eventually end up miserable. If you are holding onto an emotional load, don’t be dismayed. I know how difficult it is to forgive. Personally, I have dealt with emotional baggage before. When my father walked out of our lives as a child, I held the pain of that wound for a long time. I always said that I would forgive but definitely not forget. It took years for me to let go of the pain of his absence. Nonetheless, I knew that I had to forgive him to get clarity in my life. Forgiving him was definitely not easy. Deciding to forgive makes you the bigger person. No one is meant to carry burdens. As a Christian, forgiveness taught me to be more like the father. Who am I, to hold onto emotional pain, when my heavenly father forgives me of my sins daily? It just clicked. Forgiveness was the key. When I forgave my father, it was like a load off my chest. So how do you learn to forgive? The first step to forgiveness is identifying what hurts you the most. How can this help you? Well, for starters identifying what hurts you most allows you to pinpoint exactly what needs to be forgiven. It creates the blueprint for the forgiveness process. Subsequently, in order to forgive you must be comfortable with the fact that you are letting go of something that you did not cause. That can be a hard pill to swallow. When you realize that you were not at fault, yet you are deliberately forgiving the perpetrator, you reach a heightened level of maturity. The next step in the forgiveness process is the actual forgiveness part. Somehow in your head, you have to get over what hurt you. You have to be accepting of the fact that whatever was causing you emotional heartache, is something that you are wanting to be ok with. You are alleviating the wounds. I’m not saying that doing this won’t come with scars, because it definitely will. However, time will heal the scars and make them less visible. You are in charge of your own life. Forgiveness uplifts you and sets you free. It detoxes you emotionally. If you are dealing with the process of forgiveness or want to know more about how to forgive, feel free to comment.

Thanks for listening,