Making the Cut

Nobody is perfect. That is a proven fact. As human beings our lives come with flaws and imperfections. By nature we have faults. Despite these known qualities, we often compare ourselves with others. There just always seems to be that one person who is better than you. Maybe they have a better body, better grades, or a better boyfriend. We often feel like we don’t make the cut. People often find themselves striving to achieve some preconceived standards for themselves. Why is it that we live in a society where we look up to unrealistic standards for ourselves. In the media, we have reality stars such as the Kardashians flaunting their lavish lifestyles, beautiful clothes, and minute problems. We are being conditioned to believe that some people seem to have it all when it comes to life. That is far from the case. In the media, they often fail to represent the genuine struggles that people on those reality shows actually face. The pressures of fame and money often cause serious havoc on their actual lives. Apart from reality stars, the people who might appear “perfect” might actually be going through something life altering. Don’t fall into the facade of the quintessential life. Some people are good at hiding their flaws. Be appreciative of who you are. You are unique and wonderful in your own way.

Personally, I know how it feel to not feel good enough. Going to a highly prestigious school with people from all different academic and socioeconomic backgrounds I often felt compelled to over achieve. That was not necessarily a bad trait to possess, but their was definitely pressure to uphold a certain standard of excellence. People were so concerned with their class rankings and grades that we hardly had time to just be normal teenagers. This kind of pressure on yourself is significantly detrimental. In life, you should strive for higher achievement, but do so for your personal growth as opposed to a competitive incentive. Your incentive in life to be the best possible you. That is all you can be. Sometimes, the people who are on the top feel miserable because they stress themselves out too much. They often put up a front to disguise the fact that they feel miserable. The only standards that you should live up to are the ones that you set for yourself. You should be your own critic. Do not let anyone else set a definition for who you are meant to be. Be your own unique you. When you do this, you will always make the cut.