The Daniel Fast Review

So I finally made it! After 21 days I completed the Daniel Fast. For those of you who did not read the blog post called The Daniel Fast 1.0, I was on a strict 21 day fast called the Daniel Fast. The fast was basically a vegan diet. Not only were there restrictions on meat and animal products but we had to eliminate sugar, salt, and white starches. What could we eat, you might ask? We could eat vegetables, meat substititions (veggie burgers), tofu, beans, fruits, brown rice, sweet potato and more. Yep, I completed the entire 3 week journey. What did I gain from the fast? Well, with any fast you are basically consecrated yourself to get a deeper spiritual connection. You are denying yourself of foods that you would usually eat, to replace it with spiritual meat. I gained a greater sense of discipline. The Daniel Fast not only impacted me spiritually and physically, but it also impacted me socially. At parties, I was the girl chomping on fruits and vegetables. If a friend asked me out to eat, I would almost always decline. (However, Chipotle was definitely one of my favorite go-too eateries) Socially, you had to discipline yourself to avoid the copious amounts of non-fast foods. Spiritually, I gained a new sense of enlightenment. I was extra careful to do my bible reading devotions. I made an effort to read the bible consistently every day. One of my goals for this New Year is to read the entire bible in a year. I definitely accomplished major milestones when it came to that. I read three whole books in the bible. I am currently at the book of Numbers. That in itself was a working progress. Instead of focusing on food, I channeled my energy into praying. I also had a montage of testimonies that came from fasting. I know that God will surely compensate me for my dedication to this fast. Physically, I lost five pounds. I know that seems trivial and your not supposed to do fasting for the weight loss, but I was definitely thrilled. Not only do I feel lighter, but my digestion has improved immensely. I am more cautious of what I put into my body. I am definitely more healthy overall. Even as I finished the fast, I am still going to try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Overall, I highly recommend this fast if you are trying to get more spiritual clarity. It helped me become a more dedicated and spiritually aware individual. I am so glad I made it.