I’m sure I’m not the only one that knows what it feels like to be jealous. Even if its the smallest pang of covetousness, there has been a point in time in which you have wanted something or have been jealous of some one else. Whether its material things, their hair, body, success, jealousy often creeps in. Jealousy occurs when we are not content in ourselves. For example, some one who is jealous of someones career success is probably not content with their own profession. When you are not content, you often long for something that is unattainable. Why is it that you desire that person’s career? Why is it that you want their boyfriend? It’s very easy to fall into the “why not me” attitude. That attitude is only detrimental for you. It only leads to dissatisfaction. There is no reason in which you have to have what your neighbor has. You are your own individual with your own path and lifestyle. Jealousy often leads to unnecessary competition. When you are jealous you are trying to live in someone else’s measure of success. The only standard that you should want to live for is your own standard of success. Living for some one else only leads to a feeling a deprivation. You just never add up. You end up being frustrated with your self because at the end of the day, you will never be the person that you are trying to achieve. Live by your own standards.

Jealousy also contributes to added stress. If you are constantly wishing you had something that someone else has you will never enjoy what you have. Chances are the person that you are jealous of, wants something that you have. If you are jealous of someone’s good looks, try looking for something that you like about yourself. You were beautifully made. There has to be something that you like about yourself. As a Christian, being jealous is something that upsets God. For God, being jealous is like a slap to his face. You are not appreciating the things that God gave you. Instead of being down cast about what you lack, be happy for what you have. If you are jealous of someones success in school, try studying harder or improving your own grades. You are capable of achieving anything that someone else has. As long as you do your absolute best, you will always be a winner. If you are covetous of someones body, try working on your own body. No one is perfect. The person that your jealous of has their own flaws. One way to deal with jealousy, is by writing down things that you like about yourself. When you write down those things, you will appreciate yourself more, and not worry about what another person has that you want. Furthermore, getting spiritual clarity will make you more content with yourself. For me, when I think about how God loves me, there is no reason for me to feel jealous. If you are jealous of a friend’s boyfriend, embrace being single. Your own good thing will come at the right time. Plus, you do not know the issues that someone faces behind the scenes. I hope I got to give you some clarity on jealousy. Remember be who you are and love yourself before you long for some one else. Stay wonderful.