Are You Satisfied?

Every day is a new opportunity to do something with your life. The saying life is short is something completely true. You are not promised tomorrow, thus you have to make the most of every day that you have. Carpe diem. Seize the day. As you grow older, its often difficult to look back on all the old memories. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost the time. Maybe you feel like your greatest moments were in the past. Maybe you feel like you just don’t feel fulfilled. Fulfillment is definitely something that you want to have when it comes to life. I mean there is always that age old question lingering about “What is the meaning of life?” The famous song from Rent “Seasons of Love”, tries to sum it up. “How do you measure a year in a life?”. The answer for the question in rent is to measure life in love. Love is something that is obviously not tangible but is so important in finding fulfillment in life. Now I’m not specifically talking about romantic love. I believe the song in Rent was talking about love of life. When you have a zest for life, you are bound to be fulfilled. It’s quite simple. When you cherish and admire every aspect of life, your over all contentment, will be accomplished. Learning to love life, is not always easy. It starts by appreciating the little things. There is always something to be grateful for in life. The mere fact that you have life is a miracle. I’ve mentioned this in other blog posts but when you write a list of all the things you are grateful for, you get a physical representation of your blessings. This representation will help you become more content. Learning to love life, comes with learning to love other people. Yes, there will always be those annoying people in your life that always seem to get on your nerves. However, once you learn how to ignore the irritable people and enjoy the people that are dear to you, you will definitely get more out of life. When it comes to loving people in the romantic sense, many people make the mistake of putting their lovers as the center and sole source of fulfillment. DO NOT DO THIS! I can’t stress it enough how unhealthy that is. Your partner should not be your main source of happiness. Before you get into a relationship, you should be your own source of happiness. This also applies to friendships. Don’t allow others to make you feel happy.
One way to be fulfilled is by being productive. If you are productive, you will get more out of life. I would recommend reading my procrastination post called “I’ll Do It Later”. It tells you how to be more productive and prevent procrastination, which is the enemy of progress. Make every day count for something. Continually, another way to be more content in life is to do something you love every day. Whether its going out to your favorite restaurant, or watching your favorite tv show after a long day of work, taking some time for you will always allow you to feel content and happy. Lastly, one of the other ways to be more fulfilled in life is to spend more time with your loved ones. When you take the time to spend time with your loved ones, you are creating timeless memories and bonds. These bonds will allow you to live the life that you truly want. Well that’s all that I have for today. Thanks for reading.