Lets Get Spiritual

Before I begin this blog post, I would like to make a disclaimer. To begin with, I am not trying to convince any one to be affiliated with a particular religious group. I am not a missionary, and am solely going to discuss spirituality on a general basis. What is spirituality? Spirituality is the sense or presence of something bigger than ourselves. It can be the practicing of a particular religion or simply embracing a different, unique aspect of your life. It is making deeper, more profound connections to something in life. I would consider myself a very open minded individual. With this being known, I have seen a plethora of people and have befriended people of different religions. I have been aware of the numerous similarities and differences with these religions. Some of these include Hinduism, Buddhism, Agnostic, and more. In a general sense following a religious path often gives people a sense of identity. Personally, as a Christian, my religion gives me balance. My identity comes from knowing that I am a child of God. As a child of God, I am held to a certain standard. I must abide to Christian morals. My religion is based on faith in a God, you can not see. For some people, that may seem impractical. However, for me believing in Christ is simple. I am fortunate enough to have deep profound spiritual experiences. One of the most defining moments for me that in which I truly had a spiritual encounter was when I was in the 7th grade. My church took a trip to a church summer camp program called The Ramp. It was basically a time of praise, worship, and little preaching. On the day that I came back, I had an experience called speaking in tongues. For those of you who do not know what speaking in tongues is, it is a Christian experience in which you are speaking the language of God. It is an uncomprehendable language and utterance that occurs when you have a profound spiritual experience. I was speaking in tongues all the way from the trip to Alabama, all the way back home. I literally could not control my tongue. I kept on speaking and speaking. I felt like I was basking in the presence of God. It felt amazing but it was also quite annoying. I wanted to stop but I could not control myself. Some doctrines of Christianity do not believe in speaking in tongues. Whatever you believe, I assure you that when you make an effort to gain a sense of spirituality in your life, you will feel better. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, in the beginning of January, I completed the Daniel Fast. That was a 21 day vegan diet, with no sugar, salt, or white starches. That was a very trying period for me. It taught me self-discipline. It definitely aided in my spiritual walk. Correspondingly, my goal this year is to read the entire bible in the course of a year. I am proud to say I am in the 5th book of the bible, Deuteronomy. This year has been the most amount of time that I have kept on track with reading the bible.
Why is it important to be spiritual? It gives you guidance. For me, knowing that God is there for me in every situation,takes off a lot of pressure. It also gives me peace knowing that I am not alone. Spirituality gives you a sense of purpose. If you don’t believe in anything higher than yourself, your greatest expectations will be yourself. Believing in something higher than yourself, gives you clarity and an accountability. You know that whatever the situation is, there is something divine trying to guide you out. One of the things that gives me peace about being is a Christian is that, if I die and there is no God, I know that I lived a morally conscious life as a good citizen. Thats one of the the things that gives me assurance. Well thats all that I have for today. If you want to learn more about spirituality, please make sure to comment.

Thanks for reading,