I Miss You

We’ve all felt it. That sense of longing for someone or something. The fact of the matter is that someone or something is unattainable. That is the hardest aspect to grasp. When you want something but know deep down in your heart that you are unable to get it. I have dealt with the idea of missing someone/something for a long time. In the past year, I changed high schools. It was a major transition for me. I had already established myself at the high school that I attended. I was in clubs and organizations. I had my own friends. But after going through some turbulent times, I knew I had to alter my environment. Now I don’t regret my decision at all. However, I still miss my school very much. I miss my friends that I don’t see very often. Its very difficult considering the fact that I have not made very many friends at the school that I currently attend. But I know that I have to move on. Its the process of life. Besides, as a senior in high school I will be experiencing a completely new atmosphere in just a few short months. I know that I will definitely make friends there. Missing friends is hard but missing family is harder.I say this with complete sincerity because I am experiencing that currently. My sister is in medical school right now. I am extremely proud of her. Nonetheless, the medical school that she attends is in the Caribbean. Now when she was in college I only saw her a couple times a year. Despite this, I knew that I could see her in just a two and a half hour drive. Currently, with her location it would take me hours on a plane to see her.This is considerably hard because we are very close. Our bond is strong, thus it contains the strength to survive different countries. So what do you do when you miss someone? Well,crying and whining all day is not going to help. For starters, if you are still in a healthy relationship with them make sure that you stay in touch. Whether you’ve moved away or there is just some distance between the two of you make sure that you are communicating with them. Make phone calls, video chats, or even an old-fashioned email a core part of your correspondence. To continue, when you miss someone especially someone that you are no longer in relations with, it is extremely healthy to move on. Make other friends. Its important that you do not linger on with something that is unmendable. Friends come and go. Having other people surrounding you will take the longing off of the person that you miss. Thirdly, when you miss someone try to make an effort to overt your attention on them. Like I said, making new friends is helpful but also doing things that preoccupy your mind is even better. This is especially true for people who have just gotten out of a relationship. Instead of moaning and moping around find something productive to do. Get a hobby. Volunteer. Do whatever it is that you need to do to put your mind on something constructive. Lastly, if you miss someone so bad and you are still on good terms with them, make time to see them. I do this very often. If I haven’t seen a friend in a long time I make plans to go and hang out with them. Its very important to affirm your relationship with that individual. Well thats all I have for today. I know its hard missing someone but the truth is, it gets better with time. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.