Dealing With Disappointment

From an early age we learn that we can’t get everything you want. Children are taught that some things in life just don’t go as we plan. Learning to deal with disappointment is apart of personal growth. It is one of the paths that lead to maturity. It takes a very mature person to come to terms with their disappointments. Disappointment occurs so often. Whether its getting a bad grade or being gilted by your boyfriend, its part of the process of life. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am a high school senior. That means college prep. With this in mind, I have to prepare myself for the absolute worst. I have to get in the state of mind that whatever happens, happens. One of the major points in dealing with disappointment is excepting the unchangeable. Excepting the unchangeable is simply realizing that what has happened is probably for the best. Its very difficult initially. However, it all becomes better emotionally when you realize that what is meant to be will happen. Whats not meant to be will not happen. In regards to my college application I am grateful for the colleges that I have been accepted in to. Nonetheless, I will try not to be upset about the colleges that I don’t get accepted into. Its so much easier said than done. I am a firm believer in the fact that everybody and everything happens for a reason. I believe that every individual has a destiny for their lives. I also believe that if you are a good person nothing can change your destiny. You will always get to the point that you need to go. Disappointments are the stumbling blocks in the midst of your journey. It derails you temporarily from reaching your goal. Despite this minor pitfall, you can still recover and become successful. You are in charge of your own life and destiny. Disappointments are just tests along the way. Continually, there are some disappointments that you handle differently. These are the emotional disappointments. A lot of people have been in situations in which they have experienced unrequited love. Basically in a nutshell that means that the person they love or admire does not love them back. That is one major disappointment. You often feel hurt that what you have to offer as a person is not what your lover wants. Its a feeling of incompetence that gets you. So how do you deal with an emotional disappointment. First things first, you need to talk it out. Communicating with others about how you feel is extremely helpful. You don’t need to tell loads of people. Talk to someone who is your confidant like a close friend or family member. Releasing your emotion is critical to healing. The next step in dealing with disappointment is to come to terms with whatever happened. If you got dumped by your boyfriend or your dealing with a case of unrequited love, you have to acknowledge your sadness. Pushing your emotions to the side is never helpful only detrimental. Its important to take some time to be sad. Most people think that pretending not to be effected by their negative emotions is helpful. Absolutely wrong. In fact, it is quite healthy to take some time to even cry or be in a short period of emotional heartache. After you have acknowledged your disappointment the next step is to seek spiritual clarity. How can spirituality help you out. Well, to begin with when you have become in tune with something greater than yourself your problems become quite minute. Spirituality can take the form of prayer, yoga, journaling, anything to become more in tune with a higher purpose. For me, talking to God always makes me feel better. As I’ve discussed before, I believe that God has destined a superior plan for our lives. One disappointment will not change that. When one door closes, another door opens. The disappointment may just be God’s way of setting you up for something better. Don’t stop believing in yourself. That’s all that I have for today. Thanks for reading.