International Women’s Day

If you read my blog post called “Coming of Age”, you know that I recently turned 18. Yes, I’m finally legal! This birthday was one a major step in my journey to womanhood. I am officially an adult. I also discussed some of the people who have influenced my journey into womanhood. Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Most people don’t know this. That is why I want to bring awareness to the day. The purpose of International Women’s Day is to celebrate the social, cultural and political achievements of women. Despite the major contributions to society, women are still undermined in this world. Though we have made significant improvements to the way women are viewed in this world, there are still major discrepancies in women’s rights. To begin with, in some states women are still paid less than male counterparts in the work field. This is extremely concerning to me as a woman who is planning to enter the work force in a couple of years. On a side note, I will be beginning a job at Taco Bell tomorrow. I would be extremely upset if I were underpaid due to my sex. Continually, there are numerous women’s rights issues and lack of representation in the political arena. If it wasn’t for Hillary Clinton, there probably would not be a female political candidate for the 2016 elections.
With this in mind I pride myself as a feminist.Now feminism has gotten a bad rep in the media. People often perceive feminists as angry woman ranting about insignificant gender discrepancies. However, if you look at the definition of a feminist, you will see that a feminist is simply someone who wants equal rights for both men and women. That doesn’t sound so bad does it? When Beyonce released the song “Run the World”, that was my feminist anthem. Basically the song is about how women run the world. I hate to be biased, but I believe this is so true. Women are the backbone of society. Women are mothers. In the song it says “Strong enough to bear them children, and get back to business.” So many women have to balance a career along with their roles as mothers. That’s a hard thing to do. Furthermore, women can literally do anything a man can do and most likely do it better. One of my favorite Whitney Houston quotes says “I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants”. I thought that was an extremely clever way of expressing how important it is for women to know that they can be in charge of their lives. Women and men should be viewed as equals in society. That is why I am so proud of First Lady Michelle Obama. She made the initiative to talk to girls about the significance of an education. She basically stated that before you get involved with boys you should get a good education. For all my ladies out there take notes from Mrs. Obama. Never compromise your education for a man. They are not worth the struggle. To all my male readers, no shade intended. Nonetheless, if you are a male reading this make sure to know that you treat women with the utmost respect. That’s basically why I’m writing this. I believe that as woman we need to be appreciated, not just on International Women’s Day but every day. There are so many woman out there that are seriously killing the game. From your Beyonces to your Michelles there are woman out there that are inspiring me to achieve higher and accomplish my dreams. I love being a woman and I am proud to be a woman. Don’t believe the stereotypes. We are not all weak vessels. We are strong. Its crucial that we empower each other. The more we are empowered, the more progress we will have when it comes to our rights. We are all so special, unique and beautiful in our own way. Take time to appreciate the women in your life. Have a wonderful Women’s Day. Thanks for reading.
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