Destination Inspiration

There comes a time in every person’s life in which they lose inspiration. We all at one point or the other have lost motivation when it  comes to school, work, or relationships. How do you prevent going on into the same boring routine of every day life? How do you make your life fresh and exciting? How do you become motivated to complete new goals? Well for starters, inspiration can be found any where. For example, I am inspired to write the blog posts topics from situations going on in my life. I am currently going through a phase in which I am getting bored in the every day routine of my life. I wanted to investigate further on ways in which I can stay inspired and motivated in my life. That’s why I decided to write this post. The majority of the posts I write speak to me on a personal level. When I write I often give myself the advice that I write about. Therefore, you can find inspiration from the events that are happening in your life. If you are trying to write a paper or trying to do something creative think about what is happening in your life and apply it there. For instance, I am currently writing a novel. The characters in the book remind me of people that I know personally. In fact, the protagonist of the book has  a very similar personality to mine. I used my personal experiences to create a character. That is just a prime example of using your personal life creatively. Another way to find inspiration is to look at your surroundings. This is similar to using your personal life experiences. However, with your surroundings you have to be more objective. If you are a designer trying to make a new fashion collection, you can find your muse from nature. For example, as a designer, you might be able to use the changing leaf colors during fall as part of  your collection. If you are a student and are doing a project on a topic of your choice, for example a sociology project you could do it on the issues affecting your community. Its as simple as that.  Continually, inspiration can come from the media in which you let into your life. What you watch, and what you listen to can all impact what your inspired by. Media can be the gateway to your soul. I know that sounds really deep but its true. That’s why they say its important to be cautious about what you watch. Movies are a great way to be inspired. One of my favorite romantic movies is called “About Time”. This film inspired me to be more cautious about my time here on earth. It taught me to embrace every moment in life.  You never know when your last moment will be thus we must cherish every moment. Furthermore, it taught me that whats meant to be will be. You can’t change your fate, you can only hope for a better future. When it comes to music, I am inspired by soulful songs and artists. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts I am a huge Lauryn Hill fan. Her music caters to your emotions. Every song has a significant meaning and embodies a theme. Her 90s style is just something that is not often seen in todays music. Listening to quality music is something that can inspire you to be a better person if you allow it. That is why there is a correlation between aggressive music and aggressive behavior. Music can really influence and shape your character. So listen to music with a message and you will definitely see a difference in your inspiration level. Lastly, inspiration is God-given trait. When you put an effort into building your spiritual life you will see a major change in your inspiration level. God will grant you so many creative ideas if you allow yourself to grow in him. When you have a higher purpose in your life,  inspiration will come naturally. Its just apart of the process. I recommend that you build a spiritual life if you are in an inspirational rut. It will allow you to grow. Well that’s all I have for today. I hope you found some inspiration with this post. Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.

Stay Fabulous,