The Sound of Music

For those of you who are into musicals, you will know that The Sound of Music is a classic musical. It’s one of my family’s favorite musicals. Today’s post is not going to be a review of the musical. However, it is an ode to music. Music is virtually every where. It’s in elevators. It’s in shopping malls. It’s played in restaurants. Heck, I’m listening to music now on Pandora. Music is one of the largest industries in the world. It is the backbone of pop culture. Music has played a very significant role in my life. I have loved music ever since I could remember. I started singing at around 4 or 5 years old. My sister and I would make songs to sing to our parents. I would like to give her a quick shoutout. She is probably the main reasons why I sing today. At a young age she taught me alot about music. She was the foundation of my musical background. However, as we got older our tastes in music began to vary. I would say that I am pretty versed in music. I’m no virtuoso, but I know a great deal about music. On a classical standpoint, I know how to read sheet music. I have also been apart of choirs. In fact, I am planning on joining the gospel choir when I attend the University of Central Florida. I also plan on doing theatrical shows (but acting is another story). I’ve taken a music theory course. I am also currently in a class called Music Appreciation. Although I don’t really enjoy the technical aspects of music, I think its important to have that background knowledge. If I had the opportunity I would even pursue a career in music. However, I am very realistic and know that that can be a difficult feat to achieve. Therefore, I will pursue my journalism career and do music on the side. For those of you who don’t know, I would consider myself a singer/songwriter. I have been writing songs since about the age of 13. I stopped for a while after attending a vary rigorous school. However, now that I don’t attend the school anymore, I have time to write songs again. Why is music important? Music is the universal language. It impacts our emotions in ways that other art forms don’t. Whenever I go through difficult situations, I listen to songs that portray what I am going through. If there isn’t a song that embodies my emotions, I will write a song.  Music can be a spiritual experience. At church, praise and worship is my favorite and most fulfilling aspect of the service. There’s nothing like connecting to a spiritual song and expressing those emotions to your savior. Continuing with the spirituality of music, it is so critical to be careful of what you listen too. Now, I’m not a huge proponent of listening to music that is strictly Christian. I feel like there are so many styles of music that are positive or enjoyable without referencing God. Nonetheless, if you dwell on music that is vulgar, violent, and disrespectful, it can change your behavior. For example, certain rap songs have misogynistic undertones and glorify drug use. I’m guilty of listening to them (but I’m trying).  Despite this, some songs with the worst messages end up being the most popular. What I’m basically saying is please don’t dwell on the lyrics to a Fetty Wap song. Yes, it’s ok to dance and jam out to, but if you take the lyrics too seriously, they can impact your perspective on life. So what type of music do I listen to? Well, I listen to a wide variety of music. I listen to basically every genre, (except country and screamo). I like to be stimulated by a wide range of musical influences. My pandora stations tell it all. I have everything from Beyonce, to  Rent, to Gospel, to Pink. Some of my favorite artists include Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Chrisette Michelle, and more.  These artists are so amazing because they make music that not only makes you feel good, but has a significant meaning. There’s nothing like a song that touches your emotions and pulls on your heart strings. Well, if I don’t stop now I could go on forever. That’s how important music is to me. But that’s all I have for today. If you like to know more about my musical experiences or music in general feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.

With love,