Color Blind

As I’ve clearly mentioned in my last post, we live in modern times. Therefore, some of the issues in which we endured in other times are either eliminated or exceptionally subdued. One particular issue that I believe we have made significant improvements upon is racial issues. Now I’m not one of those people who insists that racism does not exist anymore. That is a huge lie, myth, false notion. However, as a society we have made exponential bounds toward accepting others of different races. So what does this lead to? Interracial Relationships! Now, since I have never actually been in a relationship, talk less of an interracial relationship, I’m not an expert on this topic. Nonetheless, its a free country and I have the ability to express my opinion on this topic. I think love is a beautiful thing. Therefore, interracial love is just as beautiful. There should be no boundaries to who you love. Despite this, I personal don’t think I will end up in a interracial relationship. Now before you go bashing me, hear me out. In the past, I was never really attracted to people of my own race. I was intrigued by Caucasian and Hispanic boys. I believe it was a fetish and lack of racial/ethinic pride. I loved colored eyes, and flowy hair. However, as I got older I gained an appreciation for my own race. I started being more attractive to black or African American men. Not that I don’t find people of other races attractive. I definitely do. I just tend to have an attractive adherence to black men now. I also now appreciate the idea of black love. I believe it is an extremely beautiful concept that is lacking in media coverage. Where are the Michelle and Baracks? Where are the Will and Jada Smiths? Where is the Jay-Z and Beyonces? Apart from celebrities, it is so rare to see a successful black marriage. I want to break those stereotypes. I want a strong, black family. Interracial relationships are fantastic, but this is just my own opinion. The only issue for me is finding a compatible black partner. In recent times, there seems to be a lack of black men that are willing to date other black women. The population of black men are either homosexual, incarcerated, or solely dating women of other races. It’s quite sad. I’m going to go on a mini rant for a second. There are some black men out there, (even those that I know personally) who say that they will not date black women due to stereotypes. These men claim that black women are loud, difficult, or not attractive. For those fellow brothers who may be reading this, get your act together. First and foremost, women of all shades are beautiful, so don’t hate on the melanin. Secondly, half the time, your own mothers are black.  If you don’t like black women, what are you trying to say about your own mother. Thirdly,  your disinterest in black women, most likely stems from self hatred. Lastly,  you are mostly intimidated by the strength of black women. Any man that can not handle a strong, successful, black woman is not the type of man that I want to be in a relationship with. On a contrary note, black women we can not always assume that the reason a brother is not with a black women is due to self hatred. This is something I have to work on myself. Even though I just had that mini rant, I would like to say that we can’t always prejudge. Sometimes, a man just falls in love with a person despite their race. We tend to have a double standard. When we see a black women with a Caucasian or other raced man, we celebrate the diversity. But when we see a black man with a Caucasian women, we make hateful slurs and prejudgement. I know its hard not to assume. At the end of the day, its not our choice. Every one falls in love with whoever they want. The last thing I want to comment on is people’s fetishes for mixed children. I’ve heard people say, “I want mixed babies, there so cute”. Mixed race children are not a prized property you get. I knew a dark skinned girl who said she wanted mixed children so that they would be light skinned with “good hair” . I was extremely appalled. The mixed baby fetish often stems from self hatred too. Your baby would still be beautiful if they were full raced. Well, that’s all I have for today. If you like this, feel free to comment.

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Interracial Dating 1      Interracial Dating 2


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