I Made It

Hello everyone. I am so sorry that I have been MIA for the past two weeks or so. I have definitely missed writing. I have just been so busy. From family coming over to finishing high school there has just been a lot on my plate. Well I’m back to business and hoping to bring fun and creative ideas to the blog. As I mentioned above I have finished high school. That is a major milestone ( despite the fact that my graduation is not until later next month.) My high school experience has been quite a journey. I wanted to share with you all a brief recollection  and reflection of my high school experience.

  1. Freshman Year.- Freshman year was one of my favorite years of high school. I came from a strict, almost Communist-like middle school. The rules and regulations of the middle school were extremely taxing. That is why, I was so elated coming to high school. I was stepping into a land of freedom. Socially, I was a butterfly. I still managed to keep a few of my friends from middle school. However, I was lucky enough to make some very close friends from the senior class. I know, it’s crazy right. As a freshman, the majority of my friends were seniors. I dove myself into a bunch of extracurricular activities. I was in drama, golden voices(choir), key club, epicurean club, SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco)and plenty more clubs. I was so eager to be involved with school activities. Freshman year was the year that I had my most notable theatrical performance. I played the lead role in the play “Aida”. I played “Aida”. (Clever, isn’t it) That play was extremely memorable to me. It allowed me to make friends that I will share lifetime bonds with. Academically, it was a challenge I’m not going to lie. I attended the highly rigorous and prestigious IB (International Baccalaureate) program. Despite this, I excelled academically.
  2. Sophomore Year- This was the year that I drifted from the performing arts to focus on sports. I played three different sports. I played soccer, ran cross country and even did track. Sophomore year was much easier academically. This was definitely the peak of my social status. I made so many new friends. I drifted completely from my middle school colleagues and found friends that I would consider my besties today. Sophomore year allowed me to express a more jovial creative side of me. I was genuinely happy in all areas of my life. I was the fittest I have ever been. My face was in an amazing glow up position. And I believe I also went natural that year. For those of you who don’t know what going natural is, it is the process in which one stops using chemical straighteners on the hair. Sophomore year is the year in which I embraced who I am. I began to really appreciate my race and culture. I had a sort of pro-black movement. With going natural to divulging in black culture through mediums such as television and friendships, I was embracing my title as an African-American woman.
  3. Junior Year- Junior year by far was one of the worst years of my high school experience. Academically, it was the most challenging. It started off quite well actually. I had stopped with sports which freed up my time a little more. I even tried something new such as an Indian dance team called Garba. Furthermore, I began to volunteer with a mental health awareness group called Peace River. So what was so bad about junior year? With the stress of school and numerous other factors, I fell ill. I had a nervous breakdown. This breakdown caused me to miss months of school. The doctors thought I would not make it. If not for the grace of God I probably would not have made it. I eventually recovered, (obviously) but my life would not be the same.
  4. Senior Year- To move on to a happier note, senior year was probably equal to my second year when it comes to how much I enjoyed it. I made the executive decision to switch schools. This decision was probably the best one I could have possibly made. I decided to do “dual enrollment”. Basically, I attend high school at a community college and take college classes. This year, I was in the least amount of stress that I have been in the last four years. I have so much free time. When I was in the IB program free time was an anomaly. This is also the year that I started this blog. Also, I got accepted into numerous universities. I also finalized what I want to do with my life. Lastly, just to throw this in there I went to prom for the first time and won prom queen. Overall, I am grateful for this process called high school. I have learned so many life lessons.  I have grown as a young woman. I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.

Stay blessed,