Swallow Your Pride

As a Christian, I have heard the phrase “Pride leads to destruction”, a plethora of times in my life. One of the the tenets of Christianity is to be humble. Humility is the exact opposite of pride. When you are prideful, there is an eminent lack of respect from your peers and your colleagues. There is however, a difference between positive pride and negative pride. I will now go into detail describing the two.

  1. Negative Pride- This is the kind of behavior that is seen as obnoxious and arrogant. You have probably encountered these sort of individuals at one point or the other in your life. You know the type. They are boastful, and feel too highly of themselves. This sense of inherent dignity makes them feel as though they are exceptionally privileged. These are the type of workers who lash out on customers who ask them simple questions. It is the type of person who is rude to people they feel are “beneath” them. Pride is simply the false sense of elitism based on social class, accolades, appearance, or some other asset.  Prideful people often don’t take time to enjoy life to the fullest because  they are too busy being haughty. For example, there was a girl that I went to high school with who said she would never shop at Plato’s closet. (Plato’s closet is a gently used consignment shop for teens and young adults). She said she felt that wearing other people’s old clothes was dirty and humiliating. With that kind of attitude, she could have missed out on some pretty cute clothing for cheap prices. When you are prideful, you put yourself in a box. It is like tunnel vision, you only see what is in front of you.  Unfortunately, through out the years I have felt like I have been misunderstood. In middle school I was teased unfortunately, by the other black students for “acting white”. They said that I was acting “bougie”. At the time, I didn’t know what the phrase “bougie” meant. But I soon realized that “bougie” means fancy, aristocratic, uppity, and in other words prideful. The other black students referred to me as this because I spoke in regular English vernacular. I wasn’t one to use slang and I dressed classy and elegantly. As a black student, I wanted so badly to fit in with their crowd. However, my presence was not really welcomed because of the idea that I was haughty. With this in mind, sometimes you have to watch how you present yourself. If you have RBF (Resting Bitch Face), try smiling more often. If you don’t look at people directly in the eye, make an effort to make eye contact. If you purposely avoid people, or activities subconsciously or consciously because you feel like you are superior to that, try joining activities that are outside of your comfort zone. Being prideful only makes you an outcast. It leads people to feeling uncomfortable and often offended by you.
  2. Positive Pride. Now I have made my opinion clear about how pride can lead to destruction. Nonetheless, it is important to have a sense of pride. Am I contradicting myself? Let me explain. As an individual, your pride can mean your self worth. You should take pride in yourself. This simply means to have a sense of self-esteem. You should come to the realization that you are a valuable human being with wonderful qualities. As l0ng as you do not become arrogant and start to think that these qualities make you a superior human being to some one, then you’re good. Having self-pride or self-worth allows you to avoid harmful behavior. People who care about themselves, will not be involved in toxic relationships or do things that are harmful to the body such as drugs. Self-pride allows you to aspire and to accomplish goals. Without it, one will be not have ambition. So take time to be proud of yourself and love yourself.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed.

Stay fabulous,