Summertime Fine

Summer is steadily approaching us. You know what that means. It’s the season of the bikini, short-shorts, and tank-tops. Basically when the weather gets warm, more skin is let out. With this is mind, we often want to step up our #bodygoals. I know this topic can be controversial but what exactly is a “summer body”. Well, for starters you should take good care of your body no matter what season it is. I truly believe that your body is your temple. So why destroy your temple. A summer body to me is something that is healthy. Healthy does not necessarily equate to thin. It is a body that is glowing, refreshed, and strong. So, here are some tips on how to get a “summer body”.

  1. Drink water. I have said this tip before. Water is the holy grail of life. Without water we cannot survive. There are so many benefits of drinking water from clearer skin to flushing out toxins. If you drink water before and during meals your appetite will be suppressed. Also, drinking water will allow you to be hydrated for the day. So skip the soda and juice and grab a water bottle instead.
  2. Eat clean. I have also said this tip before. Eating clean is eliminating processed food. Processed foods are high in salt and chemicals which causes bloating. Bloating is the enemy of bikinis. So eat less of foods that come from a package or can. When you reduce processed foods, not only will you lose weight but your skin will thank you also. Try to incorporate natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. You will see a shift in your energy levels when you start eating clean.
  3. Exercise. No matter what size you are, exercise is critical. Your heart needs the cardiovascular work. Now its important to watch what type of exercise you do. If you’re a cardio bunny and all you know is the treadmill, that’s not going to be helpful. If you’re only work is with weights, you won’t see results either. For the optimal body you must do a combination of cardio and strength training. Also I would aim for workout 3-6 days a week to see results. Plus, exercise does not just have to be in the gym. Take advantage of the summer weather and make it fun. You can go swimming, surfing, kayaking, hiking, or play a sport. Being active gives you energy and tones your body.
  4. Get some zzzzs. That’s right. Sleep. Getting adequate sleep allows you to have the motivation to work out the next day. Also it reduces your glucose and insulin levels. When you don’t get enough sleep your body’s glucose and insulin levels become like those of a diabetic. This can cause that extra fat around your waistline. You don’t want that. Sleep is your body’s recovery time.
  5. Set Goals. If your working for something, you need to have a motivation for why your doing it. Maybe your goal is to lose 5 pounds. Maybe your goal is to rock a bikini. Whatever it is, make sure that it is tangible and achievable. When I say achievable, I mean realistic. For example, your goal should not be to have a six-pack within one week.Instead you can have, reduce my waistline by 2 inches in one month. Those goals are achievable. When you take all of these steps you will see what a difference you will have in your confidence. There is just such a feeling of elation knowing that you accomplished something that you had been working hard on.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed this. Feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading,