First Day of College Review

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to announce that I am officially a college student. I moved into my dorm this past Friday. Since then, I have had so many wonderful experiences already. First things first, I have met some incredible people. For those of you who don’t know I am a social butterfly. As I have began university, I believe that this has held true. I utilized social media  to connect to people before I got to school. I also used a website called roomsurf to make new friends before hand. Roomsurf to me is like the online dating site for roommate finding. You must create a profile, then take a compatibility quiz. The compatibility quiz matches you by the percentage of how compatible you are to that person. From roomsurf, I was able to meet my fall roommate as well as some other people that I’m sure I will be good friends with.This is why, I am so happy that I finally get to see in people that I have been talking to. Continuing with my social pursuits, I have been able to meet people from the events that are happening for “Welcome Week”. So far, we have had socials, movie night, and a pool party. Tonight there will be a block party.

Now let’s get to my studies. I am fortunate to only be taking 2 classes this summer. I am taking Introduction to Philosophy and English Composition I. So far all of my professors seem very kind. One of my goals for this semester and for as long as I can is to make straight A’s. With this in mind, I will be taking my studies very seriously. If I don’t post as frequently, please know that this is because I am probably working on school work. I am also majoring in journalism. My school requires that I apply for my journalism major,after I meet certain requirements. My school also requires that we take a minor. So far,  I believe that I will be minoring in Spanish. One thing that I can tell you about college is how expenisve the books are.  Some of my textbooks cost almost $200. That is why I am going to order my books from amazon. That’s a tip for you incoming college students. Don’t always buy your books from your bookstore. You can save hundresds of dollars by doing so.

So far my experience has been quite pleasant. I have a meal plan and contrary to popular belief, I think the food is pretty darn good. Also, the gym at UCF (the school that I attend) is absolutely fantastic. It is two-stories, with the first floor being strength machines, and the second floor being cardio. There is also an indoor track, indoor pool, and a rock climbing wall.  It has been so exciting getting in shape at our gym. In the fall,I will be joining a fitness group called CHAARG. It is basically a group of fitness-minded woman trying to encourage and empower each other to be fit. I can’t wait for the fall. But until then, I will be enjoying my summer. I will try to incorporate ways to have fun. I will definitely keep you all updated on my college experience. Thanks for reading.


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Much love,