Natural Girls Be Like

I have mentioned this before, but for those of you who don’t know I am natural. By natural, I mean that I do not use chemicals, specifically chemical straightners on my hair.  I decided to go natural, as a journey of self-discovery. The reason why many African-American women resort to using relaxers (chemical straightners) is to live up to the Eurocentric standards of beauty. Well, I went through a black appreciation phase my sophomore year of high school. I decided that I would embrace the course, curly and kinky textured hair that I was born with. Being natural was a liberating experience. Unfortunately, in 2015 I fell ill. I was no longer able to maintain my natural hair texture in the hospital. Thus, my mom used texturizers to soften my hair texture. This only lead to damage and breakage to my hair. After I healed, I made an executive choice to cut off all the texturized ends. Therefore, I had to start over on my natural hair journey.  My hair is quite short and I am not yet comfortable rocking my fro. Thus, I use protective styles such as braids and weave for my hair. I am currently rocking braids.  I love the convenience of not messing with my natural hair. No combing is involved. There is also so much versatility in how you can style it. Here is a recent picture of me with the braids that I currently am wearing.

Braids Pic Blog.png

Having my hair like this will keep it protected and promote growth. In the future, I hope to be able to rock my natural hair. I want to educate myself on hair cair tips and styles that I can do first. I wanted to make this post a light hearted and fun post so I will share different videos of how “Natural Girls Be Like”.