500 Days of Summer

About a little over a month ago, I watched the film 500 Days of Summer. Although it is a seven year old film, I feel as though it is a timeless movie. The plot goes as such. A young man,  Tom is lighthearted and a hopeless romantic. He quickly falls in love with the quirky and somewhat pessimistic, Summer. Summer does not believe in the idea of love. They embark on a relationship however, certain circumstances cause them to break up. Tom spends months forlorn and depressed. However, Summer quickly jumps into another relationship and gets married. After months of recooperation, Tom eventually moves on and the film ends with him meeting a new girl, Autumn. The moral of the story is that life does not go as planned. Some people in your life will come and go. People’s perspective on life changes as well. For example, Summer thought that she would never fall in love. Nonetheless, she meets a guy that fulfills all her desires for a future life partner and she ties the knot. This film is unique in the sense that the happy ending is not what you expect. Though the audience is rooting for Summer and Tom or (Stom) (Tummer), the plot gives you a uncanny twist.. So how can this movie apply to your life.

  1. Don’t be like Summer. Summer’s views on love were influenced by her parent’s divorce. She was pessimistic and had the idea that love cannot last.. Personally, I understand her struggle. My parents divorced when I was young as well. This gave me some trust issues and made me skeptical about love too. Notwithstanding, I learned to mature. I have seen examples in my life of healthy relationships that do last.  That is why my goal is to get married one day. Despite my parent’s marital pitfalls, I strive to have a happy, and healthy working marriage one day.
  2. Don’t be Tom. Thought Summer’s melancholy attitude towards relationships was not optimal, Tom on the otherhand was too optimistic. Being a hopeless romantic leads to false expectations. For example, if you watch romance movies or even read romance novels, you will get an exaggerated version of romantic reality. Thus, Tom hearkened to the idea that he would some day find the perfect girl (Summer)  and get married and live happily ever after. This was not the case. That was why he fell into a depression when Summer ended the relationship. So how do you find a balance?
  3. Be Autumn. Although Autumn was only in one scene of the movie she played a crucial role. She represented the hope and the balance between Tom and Summer. She was friendly and open to love. However, she was still cautious and vigilant when Tom approached her. Ironically, her name represented a season of the year similar to Summer. Therefore, she can be analyzed as the alternative option. Sometimes in life you may not end up with the person who you expect. Does that mean that the person who you do end up is lesser than you? Absolutely not. In fact, sometimes it is better that you do not end up with your “one true love” because if you look closely they might not be the most perfect person for you. The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t put your eggs in one basket. Be open-minded to love but don’t be foolish.

Well that’s all that I have for today. If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it. Thanks for reading.

Stay Fabulous,