The Straight A Guide

Have you ever noticed that during the summer you seem to lose a lot of knowledge that you gained during the school year? Having at least two months of not stimulating your brain academically can put a dent in your academic performance. So how do you jumpstart the school year with A’s and that beloved G.P.A. boost? Well here are some of my personal tips that worked for me:

  1. Organization:

This is probably one of the key reasons why people struggle academically. How do you expect to succeed if you don’t know even remember or know what the assignment is? I recommend buying a planner. It definitely saved my life throughout highschool.  You can use it to write down assignments, test days, and even non-school events. Having the visual aid will allow you to better prepare for the days ahead. Preparation is key. That brings me to my next tip.

  1. Stop the Procrastination:

Procrastination is like the devil. It comes in very temptingly but leads you to destruction. If you have a project that is due in two weeks, start on it the same day you are assigned.  It has been proven that working on tasks little by little alleviates stress levels long term. Who doesn’t want to be stress free? When you work on something tedious in advance, you will have more time to do the things that you love. Some people claim to work better under pressure. However, I feel as though your best quality work is done when you have put adequate time into it.

  1. Study Better:

For a lot of students, I have heard the complaint that they don’t know how to study because they did not “have” to study throughout their schooling. I’m sorry to break it to you folks, but in college you HAVE to study. It’s best to establish good study habits now then when it’s too late. The thing about studying is that different things work for different people. Nonetheless, a general tip that I believe works for everyone is to review the material daily until the test. Don’t wait till the night before to cram the information. If you took notes that day in class, be sure to look over what you wrote that same day. This way you will not have to accumulate and assimilate a large sum of information in a short period of time.

  1. Have Fun:

Life is all about balance.  My mom always said “All work and no play made Jack a dull boy.” In other words,  you will be a boring and probably miserable person if all you did was solely your academics.  Make sure you do extracurricular activities. Hang out with your friends. When you take a break from studying your mind will thank you for it. Everyone needs some mental clarity and relaxation and fun will help with just that.


I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to comment what study tips you use or will be using from this.