How To Make New Friends: College Edition

If anyone were to ask me to describe my personality, I would say that I am an extrovert. I am outgoing, bubbly,  talkative, and love meeting new people. With this in mind, you might think that making friends for me would be a piece of cake. Well, that is the case to a degree. One of the things that I was most excited for during my transition to college was meeting new people. After being with the same group of people for the past four years of high school, I was ready for a change. I took advantage of our tech savy generation and made the majority of my initial interactions online. If you are a freshman in high school or a senior in high school, here are some tips/ways to start building new friendships.

  1. Social media: We live in a digital age and with this in mind we have to adapt to the times. Although I recommend the old-fashioned way of meeting people in person, social media can still be a great tool to put yourself out there. One of the ways, I met people was by joining my school’s class of 2020 facebook page.. It might seem awkward at first with people introducing themselves but if you make the effort, you might find someone who is similar to you. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I social media stalk. If I saw someone that seemed like an interesting or cool person based off there Instagram or facebook, I simply messaged them. Trust me, you won’t be the only one doing it either. I was messaged by  people too. Once you have been talking continuously, simply ask for their phone number and you can build your friendship from messager to text to many even phone calls one day. One of the downsides about this is that even if you do message people, meeting them in person may or may not be awkward. You can’t really gage a person’s behavior until you meet them in person. That is why my next tip is as follows:
  2. Go to events: I can’t stress the importance of being involved on campus. Your never going to meet people if all you do is stay around in your dorm by yourself watching Netflix. If there is a social on campus, go to it. Join clubs and organizations. Be involved in a sorority, it’s a great way to build a sisterhood. The point is in order for you to make friends, you have to make an effort to be around people.
  3. Start a group me: If you are in a smaller classroom setting, and need some study partners, ask for people’s numbers and start a group chat. Not only will this connect you with your classmates and hopefully likeminded individuals, you just might also make friends in the process.
  4. Be bold: This might sound strange, but don’t be afraid to make small talk or mingle with random strangers. There’s a friend that I made in college, by literally connecting over the love of soup from the salad bar. We didn’t know each other before. Both of us were about to sit by ourselves at the dining hall but we decided to sit together. Simple things like starting conversations with people you don’t know can go a long way.

I hope you all found these tips helpful. Let me know how you will try to make new friends in the comments below.