How To Avoid Holiday Blues (A.K.A. Seasonal Depression)


Hi guys,

Although I believe the holidays are the best times of the year (the media surely portrays it that way), the holidays for some can be very difficult. There are those who are mourning loved ones, or cannot be with their family during this time. Others, due to the lack of sun and Vitamin D feel as though they are depressed during this season. However, there is hope. Here are some tips on how you can avoid the holiday blues.

  1. Live in the Moment:

One thing that can really put a damper on your mood is thinking about the past in comparison to the present. You may find it difficult not to hail the glory days of your youth when holidays were filled with laughter and a tight-knit family. Nonetheless, you can never go back to your past. Think about where you are in your life now and be grateful for it. You might find that the new experiences that you have will be even better than the previous ones.

2. Take Care of Yourself From the Inside Out:

You might want to reconsider those sugar-mountains that are called “holiday drinks” at Starbucks. You might also want to cross that giant chocolate Santa off your grocery list too. What I’m trying to get at is that the holidays are so easy to get wrapped up in sugary seasonal treats. While depriving yourself of these goodies all together will make you feel even worse, try to limit yourself or consume them in moderation. Instead, a well balanced meal full of nutrients will make you feel much better in the long run. Along with healthy eating, exercise is the perfect cure to fight depression. When you work out, your body releases endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that equate to a feeling of euphoria.

3. Get Out The House:

It’s funny how the simple act of leaving your home can alter your mood. While it’s tempting to want to stay cooped up in your house all day during the cold season, don’t succumb. When you leave the house to do even the most uneventful mundane task of going to the grocery store, you are giving yourself the opportunity to get fresh air, and interact with others. If you stay indoors without any sort of plans for the day, it is very easy for negative thoughts to infiltrate your mind.

Well those are all the tips I have so far.  If you would like some more tips are found this helpful, please leave a comment below.

Have a fabulous day,