Valentine’s or Galentine’s: 4 Unique and Affordable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas



Hi guys,

One of my favorite months, February is here! I love February for multiple reasons. 1. being that it is my birth month (keep February 27th in mind) 2. Being that it is Black History Month and 3. It’s a time of love. I know that sounds cheesy and from someone that has never been in a serious relationship, what do I care about the most love-dovey holiday of the year.

In all honesty, I feel as though in 2017, we can reinvent the idea of Valentine’s Day.  Personally, I feel as though you should show someone that you love them every single day of the year.  Moreover, the love does not have to be only about romantic love. The term Galentine’s Day is for female friends who want to show love for each other.

To continue my shpeel, you don’t have to break the bank to have a fun Valentine’s or Galentine’s day. Here are a list of 4 unique and affordable date ideas for you and your loved one.

  1. Visit an Observatory

Star gazing can be a romantic or (for my Galentine’s)  fun way of spending an evening. Remember Landon and Jaimee from “A Walk To Remember”? Those vibes can totally happen when you gather up blankets and food for a cozy night outside. Who knows? Maybe your date has named a star after you.

2. Netflix and Chill Revamped

If you want to save some coin, staying indoors for a classic movie night can do the trick. Instead of watching Netflix on a small screen, take it to the “big screen” by renting a projector. Certain campus libraries or the main public libraries allow you to check out a projector for free or minimal cost. Get some snacks and matching PJ’s and you are good to go.

3. Karaoke Night

If you are in the mood for a carefree silly evening, visit your local bars and restaurants for a night of music. For those newly to the relationship, this is a perfect opportunity to let your guard down. You have the chance to be outgoing and do something out of your comfort zone. For the seasoned friend, what a great way to add more memories to your list.

4. Buffet a la Home

I am a firm believer that food is the way to both a man and a woman’s heart. However, we all know that those fancy shmancy restaurants can go overboard with pricing. Why not make a meal at home. You and your partner can cook a delicious meal that you both enjoy together. This will encourage bonding and be a perfect way to test their skills.

That’s all that I have for today. If you are interested in me potentially doing a series about relationships for the month of February, please let me know.

Have a blessed day,

Abisola XoXo

January 2017: A Month In Review



Hello everyone,

I can’t believe that January is already coming to an end. I feel like this year will go just as fast as 2017. I wanted to give an update on how the first month of 2017 has treated me.

Spiritual Growth:

Every year my New Years Resolution is to grow closer to God. However, I feel as though this year I have made the most progress with that goal. I have learned to pray more often, become more in tune with God’s voice, read my bible daily, and just bask in his presence. I pray that my growth only continues to flourish in this area.


Although it may seem small and insignificant now, I feel as though I have made strides towards my career. I have applied for countless internship opportunities. With this in mind, I am currently waiting and praying that God leads me to the write one. Meanwhile, I have been learning how to balance my academics (a heavier workload) and my extracurriculars. Which leads me to my next point:


I have some exciting news to share. I have had a new publication that I write for. I am proud to say that I now write for an online campus magazine called “Her Campus.” I don’t take this opportunity lightly. I hope that I will be able to add clips to my portfolio and grow from this experience. Continually, I am also trying to get more involved with my campus news website and black organizations.

Welp, that is all that I have for today. I hope that I was able to give you some insight on some of the things that have been going on in for me this January. If you have any comments or questions please be sure to let me know in the contact comments.

Stay Blessed,

Abisola XoXo

Transformation Tuesday: How I “Glowed Up”

Hey guys,

Today being Tuesday and with the onset of the #PubertyChallenge, I decided to do something light hearted and somewhat satirical.

I’m going to share with you how I “glowed up.” For those of you who may not know what that means, its basically when you go from being um, less attractive, to looking pretty amazing. It’s a metamorphosis  and  total transformation for the better.

I just want to make a disclaimer, in no way did I ever feel as though I was not pretty. My mother and family instilled in me the values of self-confidence not only through my appearance but through my character.

However, I do feel as though at the age and stage that I am now, comparing myself as an adolescent to a luscious young woman, I definitely have “glowed up.”

I know your probably anxious to see what I used to look like so I will pull up the receipts.



I was about 13 or 14 when these pictures were taken. I thought I was super cute, and you couldn’t tell me nothing.

But now that I have matured and learned how to actually make myself look decent, here is what I look like now:





As you can probably agree I have come along way and hopefully you feel as though I have blossomed.

The question is: How did I get here? If you feel as though you need a glow up, here are some tips:

 Love Yourself

As sappy and cliche as that sounds, if you don’t love yourself, you will never be happy even if you improve your look. I loved myself in my worst state. I loved myself so much that I didn’t even think that I looked bad.

Change Your Weakness:

My weakness for me is my thin brows. I have always had them and in the past (last 2 years) I tried to overcompensate by overly drawing and defining them. Now, I know that I need to keep them in shape by going to my brow lady. Then, I watched countless tutorials on how to fill them in to make them appear natural. My brows are far from perfect or even being “on fleek”, however, I am happy with the way they look now.

Maybe your weight is your weakness. You may feel too big or too thin. Figure out a healthy plan to gain or lose the weight safely.

There’s so many things in life that you can’t change, but you can change your physique to some degree.

Update Your Wardrobe

Do you still have the same pair of jeans from 2010? I’m sorry sista, but it’s 2017 and you need an update. You don’t have to go all out. There are so many affordable places where you can find stylish clothing.  You will find a new set of confidence when you actually make an effort on how you dress.

Get A New Do

Girl, if I could sit down and tell you my hair journey we would be here all day. The major addition to my glow up was ditching the relaxer and going natural. Although I do not rock my natural hair as much as I would like to, my natural hair has now grown so much. Likewise, I have invested in better quality weaves and extensions that actually suit me.

Sometimes a new hair style can revamp your entire appearance.

Well, there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have questions, concerns, comments, please feel free to share them through the contact section.

Have a wonderful day,


What’s The Next Step?


Hi everyone,

I hope your doing well.  I just completed my second week back in school for the Spring semester. I have to say, so far, so good. I will probably do a life update sometime later in the semester.

However, I’ve been a very goal-oriented move. I have always been academic and career oriented but I feel as though lately I have taken that to the max.

I don’t want to share just yet, but I have been blessed with so many open doors for me in regards to my career.

Today’s post is not to be a bragging of my success post but I want to actually do something to help you all.

One of my goals this year is to increase my viewership and conversation that takes place on my blog.

This blog is an open space to talk about ANYTHING you can think of from racial issues to makeup to relationships to college and careers.

I want to use this platform to reach out to as many people as I can. I want to be able to give advice and just be used by God.

So,  could you all  do me a  favor and comment on some topics of discussion that you would like to hear.

All you have to do to comment on my blog is to go on the contact section and just write a response.

I really want to make this blog useful to people so please, please, please, comment.

That’s all I have for today.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Love you,

Abisola XoXo

What “I Have A Dream” Means To Me In 2017



Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. I am so blessed to see that I have viewers from all over the world. However, for those of you who don’t know I live in the United States, in Florida.

With this in mind, this year on January 16th, will be Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I’ll give a brief history lesson for those of you who may not know his impact on the United States. Dr. King was a civil rights activist who lead peaceful protests against the mistreatment and segregation of people of color in the United States. Unfortunately, he was assassinated,  but the legacy he has is still prevalent today. One of his most distinguished speeches was entitled “I Have a Dream”.  I know most of my American viewers are highly familiar with the speech, so I will not explain it. However, I will discuss what this speech means to me personally:

As an optimist that looks at life as “the glass half-full” I believe that as a nation, we have made significant strives towards fulfilling Dr. King’s dream. There has been an uprising of diversity in the media, politics, professionalism, schools, and so forth. I also genuinely believe that the election of President Obama (FOR 2 TERMS) will be one of the greatest feats of our millennia

Continually, I feel as though relationships with people of all different cultural backgrounds have improved. Being in an interracial relationship is not taboo anymore. In fact, it is celebrated. Dr. King would have been so proud to see that.

However, I cannot deny the fact that certain aspects of his dream have not yet been fulfilled. Ask any black American who considers themselves “woke” how they feel about racial justice in this nation. They will probably respond with the fact that this country has a long way to go from that.

First and foremost, in the last 4 years the prevalence of police brutality in the U.S. is at an all time high. Men and women of color have experienced tragic circumstances all due to inherent prejudice.

Ironically, I feel as though Martin Luther King would be in support of the “All Lives Matter” movement. In reality, it is sad to say that in order to truly no “justice for all”, “All Lives Matter” won’t cut it. The propaganda and the campaign should be relevant to the current situation. In this case, sadly, nearly 54 years after the “I have a dream” speech, people are still “[judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character]”

Nonetheless, this is not a sad pessimistic “angry black woman” post. The point of what I am trying to make is that Martin Luther King’s dream is slowly becoming a reality.  With this in mind, in order for it to completely come into fruition, we must actively work on keeping the dream alive.

Let us not forget that we are all God’s creation made beautifully with unique skin tones and cultures.  With time and hard work, Dr. King’s dream will come true.

Thanks for reading,

Abisola XoXopgs-i-have-a-dream-1


Dear Obama: My Farewell Speech to the First Family




Hello everyone,

When you look at my blog it’s obvious to know that it is not a political blog. Yes, I have political opinions but I choose to keep them to myself. Politics has always been a heavy topic for me and that is why even the field of journalism that I want to pursue will rarely ever discuss politics. However, with the end of the Obama administration, I feel compelled to express my feelings towards it. So, if I could write a letter to the Obama family, here is what it would be like:

To the Obama Family,

As your time in the White House is coming to an end, I find it hard to grasp. President Obama, you were elected when I was a ten year old in the fifth grade. Now I am an eighteen year old in my freshman year of college. Time truly does fly. The point in which I am trying to make is that your presidency has been a pivotal part of my adolescent years. I essentially grew up and became a woman through your guidance as a leader of this great nation.

I watched as your policies helped to create millions of jobs, provide healthcare to the needy, and be an example of black excellence. Continuing on with the idea of black excellence, is the idea that I grew up in an era where the first man of color could be called the Commander in Chief. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for providing a sense of representation in our government system.

You may never read this but I was honored to be apart of the Gospel and Cultural Choir at the University of Central Florida, when we performed at your rally for Hillary Clinton. To see you face to face was a memory that I will cherish forever. Although the outcome of the election was not exactly how we planned, your legacy as president will live on and on.

Thank you for being the quintessential balance between serious and light-hearted. What other president has similar music taste with me? I thank you again for that. You made presidential position seem relatable and effortless. You did not complain about succeeding an administration that was high in debt and political warfare. Instead, you stepped forth and accepted the challenge and made lemonade out of sour lemons.

I can go on and on about you President Obama. However, because I do not have time to write a book, I will go on to discuss the first lady Mrs. Obama.

Auntie Michelle. You are not just #BlackGirlMagic you are #BlackWomanMagic. You are poised, elegant, beautiful and radiate a regal persona. You are a black queen and having you as the First Lady of the United States has given me a role model to look up to.

Thank you for encouraging a generation of healthy eaters. Thank you for visiting schools and encouraging literacy. Thank you for clapping back to the hateful naysayers.

You are the epitome of how a strong first lady should be.

As I mentioned before, I could go on and on about how I feel about your presidential administration. However, I leave with this:

President Obama and First Lady Michelle, thank you. You will forever be remembered. You have shaped a major aspect of who I am today. Your efforts and work will never be forgotten.

With Love,

Abisola Adeyemo

Single Girl’s Guide To Opening Up To Love




Today’s blog post came from a recent discussion I was having with a dear friend of mine. She confided in me that after being single and experiencing the liberation that she felt in comparison to being in a relationship, she did not have any desire to be in a relationship. I am no relationship expert, however,  I am a very wise critical thinker. Friends often come to me for relationship advice and I am glad to analyze, assess, and diagnose as if I am the love doctor.  This particular post is for those who have major doubts and negative preconceptions about love for whatever reason. Maybe you had a bad heartbreak? Maybe your “daddy issues” have caused you to have trust issues? Maybe you just can’t fathom the idea of being vulnerable with someone who is essentially a stranger. Whatever your area of concern, I will give you some tips to open your heart to love again.

1. Work On Independence:

This idea might come off as a surprise to some. You might think, how can I learn to open up to love if I am ok being alone? Well, the answer is that you’re OK being alone, not DETERMINED to be. I am a firm believer that God uses your time of solidarity to shape you into the person that he wants you to be. If you eventually want to be open to the idea of being with someone, then you have to face the drum of being on your own. My mom always used to tell me that husband and wife are not accepted into heaven together. Neither are children and parents.  In other words, my mother was trying to explain the idea that you have ownership of where you’re life is going to be at the end of the day. You have to be willing to work on self-improvement and self-care before your heart and mind can be prepared for a partner. Ladies, stay on your grind. Work on your relationship with God. Work on your career. Work on getting fit. Travel. Once you have discovered and explored all areas of who YOU are, then you’re mind will be prepared for the next step.

2. Learn To Trust Again:

This step is a very tough one. Learning to trust is a gradual process. It is even harder when you have the baggage of failure of trust. So how can you move on from that and accept the love you deserve? Friendship. Now you may think that is the dumbest response but hear me out.  Building platonic relationships are the perfect way of analyzing how a healthy romantic relationship can be. Now friends of the same sex are a great way to start but learning to trust friends of the opposite sex is an even greater feat. Even if you are not romantically interested in one of your guy friends make an effort to strengthen that relationship. Once you do, you will see the benefits that a relationship with the opposite sex has to offer. You will also have practice as to how to be vulnerable with a man again. The great thing about learning to trust through platonic relationships is that the burden and emotional baggage that physicality brings is not even a factor.

3. Pray For Discernment:

The last and most important step in learning to open your heart to love again is recognizing/or discerning what is right from wrong. If you are reading this you probably already have a guarded heart when it comes to opening up to love. This is a blessing and a curse. While you shouldn’t be giving your heart away nilly willy to any  Tom, Dick, and Harry, you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to be open with the right person. That is why you should pray that God gives you the ability to discern who you should trust freely and open your heart too. When you do that and you recognize the key signs that the RIGHTFUL man is pursuing you, you will be able to experience a relationship free of heartbreak.

That’s all I have for today. If you are still interested in hearing more about this topic or you found it enjoyable or useful please leave a comment. I will most likely be doing more relationship posts in the near future so keep an eye out for them.

Love you all,

Abisola XOXOblog-post-single-girl-guide-to-opening-up-to-love

Making Lemonade Out of Sour Lemons


Hi everyone,

I’m so excited that this is the first post that I am making for the year 2017! Last year was my first full year and I am prepared to make this year even more  special with exciting content and topics. Today I’m going to be discussing “Lemonade.” Although I am a huge Beyonce fan, I am not going to be discussing the album. The lemonade that I am referring to is metaphorical. This lemonade is the product of unfortunate circumstances. It’s the outcome of taking your unlucky parts of the draw and turning them into winning numbers. You catch my drift? I will be explaining some ways that you can accomplish this. Grab a cup of tea, or a drink of your choice and let’s get started:

Change Your Perspective:

It is so sad to see that some people do not make it out of their turmoil because they do not know how to look at a situation differently. That is why it is critical to change your way of thinking about something when you are down in the dumps. For example,  two years ago when I had to change schools due to severe illness, I could have taken that as a major L. Instead, I embraced the opportunity of attending a collegiate community college high school program and excelled enough to be the valedictorian. Changing your perspective simply means to start seeing the bright side of things. In every situation there is always something to be optimistic about. When you can’t see the good in something the first thing you can start off with is noting that you are alive. Life alone is a phenomenal gift.

Take Action:

Sitting in your misery will not change your negative situation. If you want life to be better for you, you have the power to do something about it.  This post was inspired by the show “This is Us.” In the first episode a couple lost one of their multiples (a triplet) during childbirth. The doctor was advising the father to take the sourest lemon (their situation) and make lemonade. The father, although very sad and distraught, ended up adopting an  abandoned  baby that was born that day. This show may be fictional but it has a very true message. Sometimes you have to channel your grief, sadness, depression,etc  and actively try to make something positive from it.

Stop Being The Victim:

No one’s life is perfect. Bad things happen to EVERYONE. There is emphasis on the word “everyone” because that means that it is inclusive. No one is exempt from problems. While it is perfectly healthy to allow yourself to feel negative emotions and wallow (temporarily), always feeling sorry for yourself will only set you back. You can find the light at the end of the tunnel if you stop asking yourself “why me.” Instead start thinking “why not me.” In this sense you will realize that your situation is only there because God knew that you could handle it. I am a firm believer that you God does allow you to go through something you cannot bear. That is why the strongest people go through the toughest situations. So, when bad things happen to you see yourself as a VICTOR (short for victorious) not a VICTIM. I promise you that you will be sipping the sweetest lemonade when you do this.

Welp. That’s all I have for today. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please be sure to contact me through the contact section. Also be sure to follow me on social media:

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Love you all so much.

Stay Blessed,

Abisola XOXO