Making Lemonade Out of Sour Lemons


Hi everyone,

I’m so excited that this is the first post that I am making for the year 2017! Last year was my first full year and I am prepared to make this year even more  special with exciting content and topics. Today I’m going to be discussing “Lemonade.” Although I am a huge Beyonce fan, I am not going to be discussing the album. The lemonade that I am referring to is metaphorical. This lemonade is the product of unfortunate circumstances. It’s the outcome of taking your unlucky parts of the draw and turning them into winning numbers. You catch my drift? I will be explaining some ways that you can accomplish this. Grab a cup of tea, or a drink of your choice and let’s get started:

Change Your Perspective:

It is so sad to see that some people do not make it out of their turmoil because they do not know how to look at a situation differently. That is why it is critical to change your way of thinking about something when you are down in the dumps. For example,  two years ago when I had to change schools due to severe illness, I could have taken that as a major L. Instead, I embraced the opportunity of attending a collegiate community college high school program and excelled enough to be the valedictorian. Changing your perspective simply means to start seeing the bright side of things. In every situation there is always something to be optimistic about. When you can’t see the good in something the first thing you can start off with is noting that you are alive. Life alone is a phenomenal gift.

Take Action:

Sitting in your misery will not change your negative situation. If you want life to be better for you, you have the power to do something about it.  This post was inspired by the show “This is Us.” In the first episode a couple lost one of their multiples (a triplet) during childbirth. The doctor was advising the father to take the sourest lemon (their situation) and make lemonade. The father, although very sad and distraught, ended up adopting an  abandoned  baby that was born that day. This show may be fictional but it has a very true message. Sometimes you have to channel your grief, sadness, depression,etc  and actively try to make something positive from it.

Stop Being The Victim:

No one’s life is perfect. Bad things happen to EVERYONE. There is emphasis on the word “everyone” because that means that it is inclusive. No one is exempt from problems. While it is perfectly healthy to allow yourself to feel negative emotions and wallow (temporarily), always feeling sorry for yourself will only set you back. You can find the light at the end of the tunnel if you stop asking yourself “why me.” Instead start thinking “why not me.” In this sense you will realize that your situation is only there because God knew that you could handle it. I am a firm believer that you God does allow you to go through something you cannot bear. That is why the strongest people go through the toughest situations. So, when bad things happen to you see yourself as a VICTOR (short for victorious) not a VICTIM. I promise you that you will be sipping the sweetest lemonade when you do this.

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