Dear Obama: My Farewell Speech to the First Family




Hello everyone,

When you look at my blog it’s obvious to know that it is not a political blog. Yes, I have political opinions but I choose to keep them to myself. Politics has always been a heavy topic for me and that is why even the field of journalism that I want to pursue will rarely ever discuss politics. However, with the end of the Obama administration, I feel compelled to express my feelings towards it. So, if I could write a letter to the Obama family, here is what it would be like:

To the Obama Family,

As your time in the White House is coming to an end, I find it hard to grasp. President Obama, you were elected when I was a ten year old in the fifth grade. Now I am an eighteen year old in my freshman year of college. Time truly does fly. The point in which I am trying to make is that your presidency has been a pivotal part of my adolescent years. I essentially grew up and became a woman through your guidance as a leader of this great nation.

I watched as your policies helped to create millions of jobs, provide healthcare to the needy, and be an example of black excellence. Continuing on with the idea of black excellence, is the idea that I grew up in an era where the first man of color could be called the Commander in Chief. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for providing a sense of representation in our government system.

You may never read this but I was honored to be apart of the Gospel and Cultural Choir at the University of Central Florida, when we performed at your rally for Hillary Clinton. To see you face to face was a memory that I will cherish forever. Although the outcome of the election was not exactly how we planned, your legacy as president will live on and on.

Thank you for being the quintessential balance between serious and light-hearted. What other president has similar music taste with me? I thank you again for that. You made presidential position seem relatable and effortless. You did not complain about succeeding an administration that was high in debt and political warfare. Instead, you stepped forth and accepted the challenge and made lemonade out of sour lemons.

I can go on and on about you President Obama. However, because I do not have time to write a book, I will go on to discuss the first lady Mrs. Obama.

Auntie Michelle. You are not just #BlackGirlMagic you are #BlackWomanMagic. You are poised, elegant, beautiful and radiate a regal persona. You are a black queen and having you as the First Lady of the United States has given me a role model to look up to.

Thank you for encouraging a generation of healthy eaters. Thank you for visiting schools and encouraging literacy. Thank you for clapping back to the hateful naysayers.

You are the epitome of how a strong first lady should be.

As I mentioned before, I could go on and on about how I feel about your presidential administration. However, I leave with this:

President Obama and First Lady Michelle, thank you. You will forever be remembered. You have shaped a major aspect of who I am today. Your efforts and work will never be forgotten.

With Love,

Abisola Adeyemo