Where Is My Prince Charming?

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It seems as though you all enjoy my posts related to love, singleness, and relationships in general.

While I am definitely not an expert, I do have some wisdom passed down from my mother, as well as from learning lessons from other people.

With this in mind, today I wanted to talk about waiting for your “prince charming.”

Prince charming is the fictional “knight in shining armor” that comes to a young woman as the perfect man of her dreams.

He is everything you could ever want in a man and more. He has the looks, personality, status…everything. He is your soul mate.

Most girls have fantasized about the day when they will meet the love of their lives.

For some girls, it happens early on in life. We’ve all heard the term “high school sweetheart.”

Personally, I was not one of those girls.

I did not want to be one of those girls who get married very young. Plus, I felt as though the majority of high school relationships end in termination before graduation.

I put my mind on college or university as the place where I would be more likely to be in serious relationships.

While I have only been in college for a little under a year, I have already noticed some personal truths about dating here.

  1. Some Guys Are Still Not Ready To Settle:

You would think that men in their early 20s would want to stop playing games and get into a relationship. For some men, that is not the case.  Some guys use college as the way to be f-boys and players. They don’t want to be tied down, even if a good girl is ready for them.

2. Meeting Guys Organically Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Dating apps such as Tinder have taken away the spontaneity of meeting guys. I am definitely not an advocate of dating apps for many reasons, but it seems as though that is the way people want to meet up now.

3. Slim Pickings

While I cannot deny the fact that the prospects for men are significantly better in college, I do know that sometimes it is still difficult to find quality men. Maybe you haven’t seen anyone you find attractive? Maybe the good guy is taken? Maybe the guy doesn’t meet your spiritual standards?

I’m definitely not a pessimist when it comes to love, but those were just some factors that I have observed and experienced.

Prince Charming, Mr. Right, or whatever you may call him will meet you at the right place and right time. When a man is destined for you, life itself will not be able to stop him from finding you.

You won’t have to guess if he is the right one for you. He will show his intentions for you directly. No games to be played whatsoever.

I have said this in other posts, while your waiting for your prince charming-do you.

Enjoy the wait and the possibility of not knowing who it will be.

The one tip that I would give is to be patient. My mother always told me that there is a time for everything. When it is your season of love, your prince charming will surely come.

That’s all I have for today. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Stay Blessed,

Abisola XoXo