Why Everyone Should See “Get Out”

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I wanted to share some commentary on the new movie “Get Out.” I recently watched the film with a friend and I had quite an interesting reaction. Initially, I thought that the plot had too many holes for it to be considered an “amazing” movie. If you were to ask me what I would rate the film after seeing it, I would have told you a 6.5 out of 10. However, after doing more analysis and discussing it with friends and family,  I realized this movie is truly exceptional.

Plot Synopsis:

The movie is about an African-American man, Chris, who goes on a weekend trip with his Caucasian girlfriend, Rose, to visit her parents. Upon arrival, he realizes that her family is strange and treats the black house help unusually.  Shortly after,  Chris is kidnapped and taken into a make-shift, home-hospital to have his organs removed and transplanted in a white man’s body. I don’t want to spoil the story, but I will give you a heads up. Chris does get out of his dilemma.

Why You Should See The Film:

Highlights Realistic Racial Stereotypes

We live in an age where race relations are a hot topic.  This movie dealt with the racial stereotypes of black and white people. For example,  Rose’s family and friends wanted to capture black people because they believe they are faster, stronger, cooler, and were blessed with unfair advantageous traits. This may have been an explanation to why there is so much cultural appropriation of black people that goes on today. Even the vulgar stereotype of black men being more, eh hem, endowed in the bedroom was addressed. Rose’s family friend asked her “So, is it really better?” , insinuating Chris’ sexual prowess.

Unique Perspective of Interracial Relationships

In the beginning, Rose appeared to be the perfect example of how a white person dating a minority should behave. She defended him to the police, her family, and appeared to be conscious and supportive of his struggles. However, when her true colors were revealed, it became apparent that she only wanted Chris as a fetish. While not every white person who dates a black person fetishizes them, it was definitely a thought provoking point. Moreover,  the movie showed an example of how awkward it could potentially be as a minority meeting the “white parents.” Obviously, the movie had a satirical, exaggerated version, but for every joke there is a hint of reality.

Hidden Symbolism

If you are an analytical person, you will love this movie. You shouldn’t watch this movie with face value. Almost every element of the movie held a deeper revelation of a theme. With foreshadowing, symbolism, and thematic content, this movie will have you thinking way deep. I do not want to spoil the concepts but I will say that after watching this movie, your  mind will be  blown.

Stay Woke

If you are someone that loves talking about social justice or racial equality, this one is for you. Learning the pysche behind why certain people treat other races the way they do in this film, is the perfect way to stay woke.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Stay Blessed and Stay Woke,

Abisola XoXo