First Year of College Reflection

Freshman Year Blog Post Reflection


Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. I can’t believe that I have officially completed my first year of college. For my international viewers, this is a completion of my first year of university. When I started this blog, I was a senior in high school. Time has flown by so fast. It has been an incredible journey with a plethora of lessons.  I’ve seen this quote all over twitter, and I know that it holds true for me. “One year of college will change you more than four years of high school.” Without further a due, let’s reflect.


Furthering your education should be the sole purpose as to why you go to university.  In my best African mom accent “Face your books! Focus!”. In all seriousness, my academics have been the core of my college experience.

I have always been a studious, ambitious, over-achiever student. I am so grateful for these traits. Plus, with my high school academic curriculum, I was taking higher level college courses. This definitely made my academic transition easier. Personally, my consensus for the course work for college is that it is not necessarily difficult, however it is significantly more tedious than high school.

Let me explain.

In college, your classes are broken down into shorter four month semester. Therefore, you have to accumulate a year’s worth of material into 16 weeks. That means that assignments are longer, papers are more frequent, and exams are harder. Essentially, for me the classes are not necessarily difficult but more time consuming.

I am also fortunate that I have was able to complete my general education courses. Now I can focus on my major.   Nonetheless,  “News Reporting” the one class that I took for my major was a whirlwind. I have never been more challenged in my writing until then.  For a lack of a better term, my teacher kicked our asses from the very beginning.

Overall, I am more than proud of myself for how I performed academically. Your girl is on her grind.


I’m going to be honest, socially college was not necessarily what I expected it to be. I have always been a social floater (Check my old post: “Social Floater” ) *Shameless plug*

In the beginning stages, I met such an influx of people.  People were eager to make friends. Phone numbers were being exchanged.  Facebook and Instagram followers skyrocketed.  Then, once the middle of the fall semester started progressing, people became more distant.  Everyone had already established their friend groups. I found myself losing certain people in my life.  I realized that losing some people in my life was truly for the best.

I also learned that quality was better than quantity. In my deepest pit of loneliness, I had to reevaluate my situation. If I could count 4 or even 2 genuine friends that I could call and rely on, I was doing all right.  When I started reaching out to those people, I realized that I wasn’t the only one having trouble making genuine friends versus acquaintances.

Now, I’m at a place where I am truly embracing the people in my life.  I hope to make more friends but I would like to let people know that sometimes it takes time.

Romantic Relationships

I have spoken briefly about this in other posts. I am still single as a pringle. I will repeatedly say that the prospects in college are DRAMATICALLY AND SIGNIFICANTLY better than in high school. Mainly because you know that these individuals are getting an education and hopefully going somewhere in life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find bae right away.

Personally,  I have had a few hiccups along the way.  Has there been potential baes? Yes. Have they been right for me? No.

Some of the things I have learned from college dating life is that a man that wants you will be with you. He will pursue you. He will not make you feel unwanted.

I also learned that a man that pursues you still might not be right for you. I have had to learn that there are somethings such as religion that are nonnegotiable and uncompromisable.

But I am happily single, working on myself. Shoot, my summer plans are to continue to glow up and be the bad b*tch that I know I can be.

I still have not given up on meeting bae in college though.

Faith In College

I saved the best for last. My spiritual level is on an all-time high. I have never prayed as much as I do now. I have never been so consistent with reading the word. I have never such a hunger, craving, and desire for the things of the Lord until now.

One of the things that I am grateful for was being consistent with going to church. I was blessed to have a church that was conveniently on campus.

However,  one of the other things that I am grateful for is joining a bible study. This bible study has allowed me to dig into the word thoroughly and have a unique perspective on what I am reading.

I am proud to announce that I will be leading my own bible study small group in the fall.

My prayer is to continue to grow in Christ and to be used to expand his kingdom.

Well, that’s all I have for today. If you want to know more about my college experience or have questions, tips, or advice answered, please be free to reach out to me via the contact button.

Stay Blessed,

Abisola XoXo