Forgiveness 101: Learning How To Forgive Yourself

Hello everyone,

I hope all is well with you all.

Today I wanted to talk on the subject of forgiveness. This has been very dear to my heart lately.  I’m not perfect.  I am a sinner and I make mistakes. I always ask God for forgiveness.

The beauty of this process is knowing that God always forgives you. If, you come before him with a repentant heart. This means, that you come to him with the deliberate intention of never doing that wrongdoing again. Don’t get me wrong, you may fall short again. But, God looks at the heart. If you have the pure heart and are making efforts to resist the temptation of your sin, God will understand.

Here comes the hard part.

Forgiving yourself.

Guilt and shame can be the hindrance  of all success.  There’s one thing that you need to know is that in Romans 8:1 it says:
“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

If God does not condemn you, who are you to condemn yourself? I know it’s easier said than done.  We oftentimes feel unworthy of God’s love and favor.

So how can you go about forgiving yourself? Here are some tips that will help.

  1. Know WHO you are and WHOSE you are:

    You are a child of God. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. That means that you are the daughter and son of the Almighty king. Once you let that sink in, you will know that there is nothing that can deter God from loving you.  You have self worth beyond your wildest imagination.  Even when you sin, God still loves you.

  2.  Make Self-Love and Self-Care a Priority

God has already taken the punishment for your sin on the cross. There is no need in punishing yourself. While you shouldn’t reward yourself for doing wrong, you shouldn’t bask in self-condemnation and guilt. Recognize your faults, ask God for forgiveness, stop doing the sin, and move about your business. It’s as simple as that. Treat yourself the same way that God wants to treat you, with open arms, love, and affection.

3. Learn Your Weaknesses

Unforgiveness often occurs when you do the same sin over and over again. The negative pattern can make one feel like a failure. Take heart.  When you establish and recognize the specific temptations, triggers, and weaknesses, that lead you to your sin, you can make the best effort to avoid them.  Think deeply. What is it that I am doing or thinking about before I do this sin, that ignites a drive for me to sin?

4. Take Time To Heal

The process may not be easy. It is a journey. Do not be discouraged if you still feel guilty after a week of practicing these tips. I recommend making a conscious effort to serve God better and more fully.  When you start reading his word, and basking in your rightful place in his kingdom, forgiving yourself will be easy.

That’s all that I have for today. I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, let me know in the contact section.


Stay Blessed,

Abisola XoXo