“Wonder Woman” Review


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Hey guys,

I hope everything is good on your end.  Yesterday, I got to watch the highly popular movie “Wonder Woman.” Now I am not one for spoilers, but I would like to give you my honest opinion on the movie. For those of you who are interested in watching it, the good news is that it is definitely worth seeing. Here are some reasons why this movie is so awesome.

  1.  The Feminist Dream:

In most superhero films, the female heroine is slightly inferior, overly sexualized, or irrelevant. However, in this movie, “Wonder Woman” or Diana, was the main protaganist. She embodied feminine strength, emotional tenderness, and was simply a bad-ass. The movie was not about her helping a man as a sidekick, but depicted her as the powerful hero. It was refreshing to see.

2.  Compassion for Humanity

Diana knew that the world needed saving even though their actions did not deserve a savior. She was willing to risk everything to save just a few lives. Closer to the end, you see that despite man’s weaknesses, there is good in humanity.

3.  Action-Packed Fun

The fighting scenes were intense, but not gory.  It was so intriguing and really drew you in.  The battles kept you on your toes with different techniques.  The battles were frequent, but not overdrawn. Plus, the graphics and technology made the film realistic and enjoyable.

4. Plot Twists

In your mind, you have an initial idea about who Diana is and what is her mission. There are hints as to what will come after she finishes the plan. However,  there’s at least two good plot twists that will make you re-think the entire scenario.

5. Budding Romance

While this movie is no romantic comedy, there is a sense of love in the plot.  The love is strong, pure, and is not driven by lust.


Those are some of the reasons why I loved this movie. If you would like to talk more about it, or chat about your favorite parts, let me know in the contact comments section.


Have a blessed day,