Dames Cosmetics Review


Hey guys,

I had the opportunity to go to an amazing event recently.  One of the lovely women from the African Student Organization at my university, started her own lipstick line.  The picture above, is me at the launch party.  This young woman is Kenyan, business-savvy, and created a product that is rave worthy. I’m going to share my honest review, so keep reading.

  1. Product Diversity

There are seven shades of lipsticks in reds, nudes, pinks, and berries.  The cool thing about this product is that all of the names of the lipsticks are named after African women. However, they will eventually expand the range of lipstick shades with Caribbean and American names as well.

2. Product Quality

These lipsticks are a steal. It is almost unreal how much quality it is for such an affordable price.  They are long-wear with a matte-formula and finish. I’m telling you girl, these lipsticks will not budge. This might be seen as a con, but with a little bit of coconut oil and some cotton balls or cotton swaps, it will come right off.

3. Product Effectiveness

These lippies will look great on every complexion.  Plus, there is a perfect shade for whatever look you are going for.



Since the company is online, you won’t be able to swatch on person.  This might be a disadvantage because at the launch party, I thought I found a shade that I loved, but it wasn’t till I swatched it that I found it I preferred another one.

However, besides this inconvenience, there is not much else that is a con. I genuinely feel blessed that I got to  buy one of these products.


Here are some pictures of some of the shades that I tried on.


dames review 1

This shade is called “Nandi”.

dames review 2

This shade is called “Amma.” (This is the one that I bought)

dames review 3

This shade is called “Sade” (P.S. I want to name my future child this name)


Here is the link to the website. Please be sure to check it out.


I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Stay Blessed,