My First Internship: Reflection

Internship Reflection 1

Hey guys,

I just want to say I’m sorry for being MIA for a couple of weeks. This blog post is long overdue and I am so glad I finally have the chance to share my experiences with you.

For those of you who don’t know, I just completed my first internship with WFTV Channel 9 news in Orlando. This news station is Orlando’s ABC news affiliate. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. Channel 9 is one of the most prestigious news stations in the Orlando area, and to top it off, the internship was paid. WHAT A BLESSING! So, without further a due, let’s get to the real tea about what it was like at my first internship.

  1.  Hands-On Experiences

As a broadcast journalism major, reading about certain concepts in a textbook does not compare to seeing the hands-on action in person. I was so blessed to have gotten this internship so early in my career,  being that I have not even had the chance to take any TV news classes yet. With this in mind, going into my internship, all I had really known about TV/broadcast news was the little bit of reading section that we learned in my print news reporting class.

On my first day, certain broadcast terms like stand-ups, teasers, VO/SOTs, and more were thrown at me. I recognized some of them from the 1 brief lesson we had in News Reporting, but a part from that, I had to fake it till I made it. We are fortunate enough to live in a generation where Google and the internet can be your best friend. I made sure I did my research. On the days off from the internship, I spent my time researching tips on how to be a better reporter. I would watch videos of stand-ups to first (figure out what it meant) and secondly to get an idea of how I could make one.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to grasp an understanding of almost every aspect of television news.  I shadowed reporters, anchors, producers, and writers. I learned how to edit videos. Let me just stop right there and make a disclaimer. I am not a tech-savvy person AT ALL. I had never edited a single video in my life before. But, I knew that was a goal that I wanted to achieve. I started with baby steps. Then, when one of the reporters challenged me saying that I needed to be able to cut a package (a full news story) by the end of my internship, I came back from the field (the scene of the story) and I cut my first package. I wouldn’t say I’m the world’s best editor, however, I can edit full packages pretty effectively.

I saw what it really took to be a journalist. Blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes a few choice words in between. But when the job was done, you know that you have made an impact in society. I learned that news matters, and quality story-telling matters the most. No #FakeNews here.

I even tried my hand into anchoring.  Let me tell you something, it is MUCH harder than it looks. I feel like people have the perception that all it takes is a pretty face and basic reading skills. Sorry hun, try it yourself and you’ll have another thing coming for you. It was challenging and I thought I did poorly, but I know that with practice, I will get better at it.

2.  Confirming My Dreams

This internship was an eye-opener for me to discover, that there is nothing else I would rather do than to be a journalist.  I gained a new-found love and appreciation for the craft of storytelling through news. One of the things that I learned especially was that my calling is for entertainment/lifestyle news. I had the chance to do 2 packages for Channel 9’s entertainment website, Those were the first packages I did and it felt so natural. I never felt so purposeful in my entire life.

From there, I did my own version of reporter’s packages. Being out on the field, interviewing people and creating a story was so fulfilling to me.  As a person who gets bored easily of monotony, this job is definitely for me. Almost everyday there is a new story to report on.

3.  Building My Professional Portfolio

One of the things that I am most grateful for with this internship, was professional growth.  I was able to make a demo reel. A demo reel is a compilation or montage of stand-ups and news packages that a reporter has done. This will be used to show future employers what you are capable of doing as a reporter.

I was also able to create a professional website.  I would love for all of you to please check it out.

This will be used to store my professional clips and build my portfolio. If you would like to see the work that I did during my internship, this is the site to go to.


Overall, this experience was incomparable.  I would not want to have spent my summer any other way.  This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to share my other internships with you all.


I hope you enjoyed.

Stay Blessed,