Natural Hair Reveal

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I’m coming to you today with something a little different. I wanted to share with you my natural hair. For those of you who don’t know, I am a natural African woman. “Natural” means that I do not use chemicals to straighten or change the texture of my hair.  Essentially, what grows on my head, is what I  work with.  Although I do not always post pictures of myself on this blog, the pictures that you have seen of me have all been with extensions or artificial hair.

Let me give you a brief run-down of my natural hair journey. When I was a sophomore in high school, I went through a black empowerment journey.  My older sister had just became natural and she was learning to embrace the curls on her head. I also began to admire this style and embrace my blackness too. So, my sister cut off the relaxed (chemically straightened) ends of my hair. Fast-forward to my junior year of high-school and I experienced illness.  During this time, my mom felt that it would be easier to manage my hair if I used a texturizer (texture “softener).  Little did I know that this texturizer would damage my hair causing breakage and leaving my natural curl pattern in a shriveled mess. Instead of leaving my hair out, I wore protective styles to help alleviate the damage. Then, when my hair grew out some more, in January of 2016, I made the decision to cut off the texturized ends. I guess you could call it my second “big chop” (although it was not THAT short). Today, it is August, and I have been natural for over a year and a half. These past two weeks have been the longest amount of time that I have left my natural hair out. I have experimented with twist-outs, puffs, wash-and-go and rollers (that was a fail).  I have been enjoying it thoroughly. Nonetheless, I know that the growth that I have seen can be attributed to protective styles. So, before I do another protective style, I wanted to share with you what my hair looks like as of now. If you like learning about natural hair and want me to keep sharing my journey, please let me know in the contact section.


Natural Hair Reveal 1

The first day I wore my natural hair to college EVER!!

Natural Hair Reveal 2.jpg

Wash-and-Go (Excuse the white conditioner)

Natural Hair Reveal 3.jpg

The “Puff”: My only style for the longest

Another Day, Another Twistout


I hope you liked this post. Please comment what your favorite style is.


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