17 Things I Learned In 2017


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Hey guys!

So the year is coming to an end. I am still in shock about it.  With that comes reflection and thinking deeply about all the things I have learned this year. This year has truly been one for the books. Although there has been mostly highs, there have been moments that broke me too. So without further a due, I will share the 17 things that I learned in 2017.


  1.  God’s timing is the right timing:

Like the old song goes, it may not happen when you want it, but he’ll be there right on time.  He has a reason for the delay.

    2.  When your relationship with God is right, your whole life is right.

A relationship with him is the most important thing you can cultivate. When you focus on him, you will have peace and joy in all areas of your life. The scripture literally says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God… (Matthew 6:33)

3.  God is faithful.

This may sound cliche, but this year I truly learned how amazing God is at keeping his promises. He hears your prayers and it will all work out for you good according to his will.

4.  There is  a reason for everything.

Sometimes you wonder why things turn out the way they do. Unanswered prayers are just another opportunity for God to work out something better for your life.

5.  You have the power to resist the temptation of your biggest sins.

Yes we are flesh. No we are not perfect. However, if you repent and genuinely make an effort to stop the cycle of certain sins, he will help you.



6. I am walking in the career path that is the perfect match for me.

My internship at a news station this year taught me that I am meant to be a journalist. The joy and fulfillment that I get from doing journalism jobs are all that I need to keep working hard in school.

7.  As long as you have tried your hardest in your classes, the grades don’t really matter.

Who doesn’t want straight A’s? But if you make a B,  and you have worked your best in the class, that’s perfectly ok too.

8.  Networking and LinkedIn can be your best friend.

Ok, this is a bit of a nerdy one. But I joined LinkedIn because I was forced to for a class. Little did I know that I would be able to connect with professionals in my field that have been able to help me with advice and resources for my future.

9.  The grind will pay off.

Keep working hard.  Work ahead. Don’t procrastinate.  I have had relatively stress free semesters from keeping to these mottos.


10.   If you ain’t equally yoked, then that guy is a joke.

For those of you who don’t understand that,  this year I learned that the man that I am going to be with has to be on the same page with me spiritually.  I cannot compromise with  a guy that doesn’t share my same spiritual values. No matter how FINE he is. (Speaking from experience)

11.  A man that wants you will PURSUE YOU. No ifs ands or buts.

As a woman, we don’t need to wonder if a guy really likes you.  He will show you by his actions firsts and honestly words.  Don’t play yourself sis. If he hasn’t expressed concrete interests through actions (dates, affection, etc) or words (I like you, interested in you, etc.) he’s probably just not that into you.

12.  Let a man pursue you.

As a godly woman, you don’t have to worry about getting a man. Let the man pursue you.  So don’t always initiate conversations. Let him pay for some dates. Truly embrace your feminine energy.

13.  Be whole before you get into a relationship.

If you are not secure in yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically. You have no reason to be in a relationship. Two whole people make a relationship. Not two broken people make one whole.

14. Singleness is a gift.

I learned that your season of singleness is there for a reason. Learn to love yourself and your own company. Build yourself up in your career, health, spiritual walk. Enjoy the ride, because relationships and marriage is another job with its own set of problems.


15.   Quality is better than quantity.

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but I learned it the hard way this year. If you have one good, genuine friend in your life, you can count yourself blessed. Good friends are hard to come by. Plus, sometimes keeping your circle small eliminates drama.

16.  Make time for your friends.

You may not get to see them everyday, but if you want to maintain the friendship, it’s important to check up on them and make time to hang out .

17.  Friends come and go.

Some friends are seasonal.  Don’t hold onto them if they are toxic. Let go and God will bring people who are so much better.


This will probably be the last posts before the New Year. It has been a wonderful journey this year. I am looking forward to more, regular posts.


I love you all.

See you in 2018,


5 Female Artists That Are UNDERrated


Hey guy!

How are you all doing? For those of you who know me, music is one of my biggest passions. I listen to almost every genre and would like to say that I have some good taste. Although I do listen to mainstream music, I also have an appreciation for artists that may not be ultra popular but have quality music.  I have compiled a list of 5 female artists that are awesome, but may not be the most known.

1. Noname (Fatimah Nyeema Warner)

Female Artist 1


This Chicago born rapper has a unique style and sound that is absolutely captivating. Her rhymes are often about real-life issues and are definitely not your typical trap beats. In fact, most of her songs have a soothing effect.

I highly recommend listening to her album Telefone. One particular song that I like from it is Shadowman.

Listen below.


2. Chrisette Michele


Female Artist 2.jpg

If you like soulful, jazz-like, melodic music with wonderful ballads and touching lyrics, then listen to Chrisette. Although she had the controversy with singing for President Trump’s inauguration, she is still very much pro-black. She has a very hippie like presence and her songs are about love, race, adventure, and more.

I highly recommend listening to her album the Lyricist’s Opus.

However, my all-time favorite song from her is “A Couple of Forevers”. Fun fact. I actually want that song to be played as my first dance at my wedding.  Sorry future husband, you don’t really have a choice.

Listen below.

3. India Arie


Female Artist 3.png

India is probably the most popular on this list. She started her career in the early 2000s and still makes wonderful music. Her earthy, acoustic vibes with lyrics that are pure and spirtitual is what I love most about her. She honestly doesn’t get the credit that she deserves.  She has a poetic nature to her songs. She’s always spitting the truth. In fact, she has a song called “The Truth”.  There are so many songs from her that I love and appreciate.  However, if I had to choose two it would be “Video” and “Private Party”.  I had a blog post on that song a couple of months ago. Be sure to check it out.

Listen below.

4.  Melanie Fiona


Female Artist 4

You may have heard some of this Canadian artists songs on the radio. However, in recent years she has become less popular. Her voice is exceptional. She has so much soul and pazazz. She knows how to capture the essence of heartbreak and pain. One song that I recommend is a song that feature J-Cole.

Listen below.

5.  Colbie Cailatt


female artist 5.jpg

I fell in love with Colbie’s music from her songs like “Bubbly” and “Realize”. If you like acoustic sunny vibes, you should definitely check her out.  She makes me want to learn guitar.  All of her songs have a good meaning behind them. I highly recommend listening to her song “Try.” If you are going through self-esteem issues or just finding confidence then you will find encouragement from it.

Listen below.


I hope you enjoyed this list and check these artists out. If you do listen to them, let me know in the comments or contact section, who was your favorite.

Have a wonderful day,


Fall 2017 Semester Reflection

Fall 2018



Hi guys,

How are you all doing? I hope all is well. This week I finished my second fall semester of my college career.  Like the rest of the year, this semester has gone by exceptionally fast. It has been a period of growth in my academic, spiritual life, and social life. I wanted to give a brief recap of how my semester went down.


This semester was probably one of the most demanding academic semesters yet. It was the first semester without general education classes. All of my classes were pertinent to my major (broadcast journalism) and minor (Spanish).  One class that I took that really gave me a run for my money,was Electronic News Gathering. This was essentially the first television photography/ videography class.  It was a major learning curve because I had NO PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE. I learned how to shoot news packages, VO (voice overs), standups and more. Although I want to be a television reporter,  learning how to shoot is a skill that I will take with me as an asset and for some a requirement in my field. I’m still far from where I want to be, but I now have a good foundation for growth in my field.

I have also improved significantly with my Spanish speaking and writing skills. I’m on the borderline of fluency.  My teacher even suggested that I major in it. (I won’t be doing that) I was so honored my the suggestion. This academic semester gave me some exciting perspective that I can really reach my career goals.


This semester I have reached a new maturity in my spiritual walk. I’m praying more than I ever have before and have found a deeper appreciation for reading the word.  I’m truly so in love with Jesus. I led a bible study small group for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. This was probably one of the highlights of the semester. All my life I’ve been asking God to be used as a vessel for his kingdom. This leadership position, definitely helped me to do that.

I also joined the choir at my church. It’s been so much fun. I feel like I have rekindled my love for praise and worship.


I have to admit,  I wasn’t as active in the social sphere as I would have liked to be. I made a couple of new friends this semester, but I didn’t hang out with my friends as much as I would have liked too.  I’m on the executive board for the African Student Organization (social chair) which has brought both highs and lows. This semester has really taught me to cherish the friendships that I do have.  I feel like I learned who my true friends were and others who are not as genuine.

I hope to spend more time doing me and relaxing more next semester.


That pretty much sums up this semester. If you have any questions, comments or anything, please reach out to me in the contact section. I would also love to hear about how your semesters or fall in general went.

Stay Blessed,



How To End The Year With A Bang

December Blog




Hey guys,

How are you all doing? December is here. You already know, that there’s one more month until the year 2018.  I am so excited for what’s in store for next year. However, I don’t want us to dismiss the end of 2017.  You have the opportunity to make the most of these last few days.  As my mom always says let’s finish the race well.  I have just a few tips on how to have the most productive, successful end of the year.

1. Complete One Goal Big or Small

Sometimes we feel unproductive in the year. We look at the grand scheme of things and think, did I really accomplish anything. Instead of wondering what you did or didn’t achieve,  pick one goal and make sure to accomplish it.  This could be as simple as drinking more water, reading your bible more, becoming more organized. Whatever your goal, when you achieve it, you will have the sense of accomplishment that you made progress this year.

2. Do Something Fun and Spontaneous

Maybe this year has been dull and boring for you. Take time this month to do something that excites you. Have a new adventure.  Go see a play.  Ride that new rollercoaster. Make a memory in which you can look back at 2017 and be happy about.

3. Plan and Organize Yourself

Those of you who know me, know that I am a HUGE planner. I love sitting down, writing things out and getting myself situated. If you want to have a successful end of the year and an even more successful new year, GET ORGANIZED. Buy a planner, journal, and calendar to help you keep track of your schedule. Write down your dreams, goals, and aspirations.  Get yourself prepared and in order for the new season.

4. De-Clutter

When you get rid of junk and unnecessary items in your life, you will feel liberated. To end the year and prepare for the new one,  let go of clothing, furniture, memoralia that causes negativity in your life.  A clear environment, will mean a clear mind, which means a clear life.

Well those are the main tips that I have. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know in the contact section of comments. I hope that you have a wonderful new month.

Stay Blessed,

Abisola XoXo