5 Female Artists That Are UNDERrated


Hey guy!

How are you all doing? For those of you who know me, music is one of my biggest passions. I listen to almost every genre and would like to say that I have some good taste. Although I do listen to mainstream music, I also have an appreciation for artists that may not be ultra popular but have quality music.  I have compiled a list of 5 female artists that are awesome, but may not be the most known.

1. Noname (Fatimah Nyeema Warner)

Female Artist 1


This Chicago born rapper has a unique style and sound that is absolutely captivating. Her rhymes are often about real-life issues and are definitely not your typical trap beats. In fact, most of her songs have a soothing effect.

I highly recommend listening to her album Telefone. One particular song that I like from it is Shadowman.

Listen below.


2. Chrisette Michele


Female Artist 2.jpg

If you like soulful, jazz-like, melodic music with wonderful ballads and touching lyrics, then listen to Chrisette. Although she had the controversy with singing for President Trump’s inauguration, she is still very much pro-black. She has a very hippie like presence and her songs are about love, race, adventure, and more.

I highly recommend listening to her album the Lyricist’s Opus.

However, my all-time favorite song from her is “A Couple of Forevers”. Fun fact. I actually want that song to be played as my first dance at my wedding.  Sorry future husband, you don’t really have a choice.

Listen below.

3. India Arie


Female Artist 3.png

India is probably the most popular on this list. She started her career in the early 2000s and still makes wonderful music. Her earthy, acoustic vibes with lyrics that are pure and spirtitual is what I love most about her. She honestly doesn’t get the credit that she deserves.  She has a poetic nature to her songs. She’s always spitting the truth. In fact, she has a song called “The Truth”.  There are so many songs from her that I love and appreciate.  However, if I had to choose two it would be “Video” and “Private Party”.  I had a blog post on that song a couple of months ago. Be sure to check it out.

Listen below.

4.  Melanie Fiona


Female Artist 4

You may have heard some of this Canadian artists songs on the radio. However, in recent years she has become less popular. Her voice is exceptional. She has so much soul and pazazz. She knows how to capture the essence of heartbreak and pain. One song that I recommend is a song that feature J-Cole.

Listen below.

5.  Colbie Cailatt


female artist 5.jpg

I fell in love with Colbie’s music from her songs like “Bubbly” and “Realize”. If you like acoustic sunny vibes, you should definitely check her out.  She makes me want to learn guitar.  All of her songs have a good meaning behind them. I highly recommend listening to her song “Try.” If you are going through self-esteem issues or just finding confidence then you will find encouragement from it.

Listen below.


I hope you enjoyed this list and check these artists out. If you do listen to them, let me know in the comments or contact section, who was your favorite.

Have a wonderful day,