17 Things I Learned In 2017


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Hey guys!

So the year is coming to an end. I am still in shock about it.  With that comes reflection and thinking deeply about all the things I have learned this year. This year has truly been one for the books. Although there has been mostly highs, there have been moments that broke me too. So without further a due, I will share the 17 things that I learned in 2017.


  1.  God’s timing is the right timing:

Like the old song goes, it may not happen when you want it, but he’ll be there right on time.  He has a reason for the delay.

    2.  When your relationship with God is right, your whole life is right.

A relationship with him is the most important thing you can cultivate. When you focus on him, you will have peace and joy in all areas of your life. The scripture literally says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God… (Matthew 6:33)

3.  God is faithful.

This may sound cliche, but this year I truly learned how amazing God is at keeping his promises. He hears your prayers and it will all work out for you good according to his will.

4.  There is  a reason for everything.

Sometimes you wonder why things turn out the way they do. Unanswered prayers are just another opportunity for God to work out something better for your life.

5.  You have the power to resist the temptation of your biggest sins.

Yes we are flesh. No we are not perfect. However, if you repent and genuinely make an effort to stop the cycle of certain sins, he will help you.



6. I am walking in the career path that is the perfect match for me.

My internship at a news station this year taught me that I am meant to be a journalist. The joy and fulfillment that I get from doing journalism jobs are all that I need to keep working hard in school.

7.  As long as you have tried your hardest in your classes, the grades don’t really matter.

Who doesn’t want straight A’s? But if you make a B,  and you have worked your best in the class, that’s perfectly ok too.

8.  Networking and LinkedIn can be your best friend.

Ok, this is a bit of a nerdy one. But I joined LinkedIn because I was forced to for a class. Little did I know that I would be able to connect with professionals in my field that have been able to help me with advice and resources for my future.

9.  The grind will pay off.

Keep working hard.  Work ahead. Don’t procrastinate.  I have had relatively stress free semesters from keeping to these mottos.


10.   If you ain’t equally yoked, then that guy is a joke.

For those of you who don’t understand that,  this year I learned that the man that I am going to be with has to be on the same page with me spiritually.  I cannot compromise with  a guy that doesn’t share my same spiritual values. No matter how FINE he is. (Speaking from experience)

11.  A man that wants you will PURSUE YOU. No ifs ands or buts.

As a woman, we don’t need to wonder if a guy really likes you.  He will show you by his actions firsts and honestly words.  Don’t play yourself sis. If he hasn’t expressed concrete interests through actions (dates, affection, etc) or words (I like you, interested in you, etc.) he’s probably just not that into you.

12.  Let a man pursue you.

As a godly woman, you don’t have to worry about getting a man. Let the man pursue you.  So don’t always initiate conversations. Let him pay for some dates. Truly embrace your feminine energy.

13.  Be whole before you get into a relationship.

If you are not secure in yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically. You have no reason to be in a relationship. Two whole people make a relationship. Not two broken people make one whole.

14. Singleness is a gift.

I learned that your season of singleness is there for a reason. Learn to love yourself and your own company. Build yourself up in your career, health, spiritual walk. Enjoy the ride, because relationships and marriage is another job with its own set of problems.


15.   Quality is better than quantity.

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but I learned it the hard way this year. If you have one good, genuine friend in your life, you can count yourself blessed. Good friends are hard to come by. Plus, sometimes keeping your circle small eliminates drama.

16.  Make time for your friends.

You may not get to see them everyday, but if you want to maintain the friendship, it’s important to check up on them and make time to hang out .

17.  Friends come and go.

Some friends are seasonal.  Don’t hold onto them if they are toxic. Let go and God will bring people who are so much better.


This will probably be the last posts before the New Year. It has been a wonderful journey this year. I am looking forward to more, regular posts.


I love you all.

See you in 2018,