Daniel Fast 2018 Week 2

Daniel 2018 Week 2.jpg


Hey guys,

I’m back with another Daniel Fast update. Week 2 has come and gone rather fast. I’d like to share with you my experience, cravings, spiritual insight and more. So let’s get to it.


This week I had a mini testimony.  I was having one particular issue with friends. When I stopped worrying about it, prayed over it and released it from my mind, I began to see changes.  My friendship situation did a 360 and I felt like I didn’t even have to try. The biggest lesson I learned is that when you are expecting something from God, stop worrying about. I know that’s a lot easier said than done. However, breakthroughs happen when you have faith and let God do his job.  Even when things seem like they are getting worse, they are not.  Oftentimes,  you go through the worst of the trial, right before you have a testimony.  The enemy knows that you are destined for greatness and wants to discourage you to stop having faith. Don’t let him get you down.

I also feel like I’ve learned to fall deeper in love with God.  I want to honor him in everything that I do and live a life that pleases him. That is a testimony in itself. I am far from perfect, but I know that my intent is pure.

Lastly, one of my best-friends recommended a preaching series for me to watch called Relationship Goals. It has truly blessed me and given me a new perspective and insight on romantic relationships. I’ll leave the link below.



I am proud to say that my taste buds have gotten used to the types of foods I’ve been eating.  However, this week I had some subtle cravings. My main cravings have been barbecue chicken, chicken in general, and waffles and pancakes.  Even though I have a big sweet tooth, I’m surprised at myself that I haven’t really craved any sweets.

I went out to eat for the first time during this fast. I went to Bento, an Asian restaurant. Fortunately,  they had vegan options. I had the red curry udo noodle bowl with tofu. The picture is shown above. It was delicious. I also had vegan sushi. It honestly tasted like regular sushi, which made me think that the fish in sushi is really not significant. I’m learning that I really enjoy eating tofu.  The texture reminds me of chicken. I also tried vegan chicken tenders for the first time.  They tasted just like regular chicken tenders. I was very much shook.

I’ve come to the realization that I could actually maintain this lifestyle, if I wanted to. It takes discipline but it’s possible. However, I do enjoy meat. Plus, there’s so many delicious meals in this world that have meat in it. I don’t want to have a lifetime of not trying out those meals.

One other thing that I noticed is clearer skin. I feel like being vegan has helped. However, I have added rose water to my routine so it could be both. I genuinely feel really good and healthy.


Can’t wait to see what the last week brings for me.

Have a blessed day,