Black History Month: Letter to My Black Sisters

20th Bday Shoot 91


Hey guys!

How is your Black History Month going? I’m enjoying seeing #BlackExcellence and #BlackHistory on my timeline.

Today I wanted to affirm black women. I want to encourage all my black sisters to embrace who they are.  I want to let you all know that you are celebrated and appreciated.

So, here we go.

Dear Black Queen,

You deserve the world. You are strong, brave, bold and courageous. I know that you are often misunderstood and portrayed in a negative light. But sis, the only opinion that matters is your Lord and Savior.  One of the reasons they hate on you, is because you are so unique.  You are radiating with a heavenly glow and they are jealous of your majestic aura.  Take their comments with a grain of salt. Do you boo.

We are worth more than diamonds and gold. Don’t let anyone make you think less of yourself. While the world may portray women with light complexions as the standard for beauty, know that we are so rare and exotic, we have to create our own standard.

My sister, when it comes to men, know your worth. You are the backbone of a black man. Let him put some respect on your name and vice versa. Let’s build empires, kingdoms, and communities for ourselves. Let’s have communities where we support our businesses, foster emotional support, and lend each other a helping hand.

If you feel underappreciated, know that I see you. I see you working hard and reaching for the stars. I see you paving the way for the next generations of royalty. The hustle may be hard, but you will reap fruit.

Be encouraged, and keep doing what you are doing.