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Hey guys,

How are you doing? I wanted to do a quick update on my internship that I had this semester. This semester I interned with WMFE 90.7 News. This is a radio news station that is Orlando’s npr (National Public Radio) station.  I had the opportunity to pitch my own story ideas and write and voice them on air. Yes, I was on the radio. Shout out to my friends who listened and would hype me up about it.  So let’s get down to it.



This semester was the perfect time to have this internship. My journalism class that I am in now Electronic Journalism 1 is a radio writing class. I definitely feel like I had an advantage with this internship. It was like extra practice for class and it showed in my grades this semester.  I also became a better conversational broadcast writer. The most exciting part of the day was going in the studio and voicing my track. I felt so official. This internship gave me a lot of web stories that I will be able to include in my portfolio. Also, it gave me the opportunity to add a unique experience for my resume. I am very grateful. Plus, it counted as an academic  elective class so I could take less classes this semester. A 3-credit class with no homework? It was lit.


Although I am extremely fortunate to have this internship, it taught me what I do not want to have in a future career.  I learned that radio may not be for me in the future. I want to pursue a career in television news. Here’s why: From my previous internship with a television station, I felt happier with telling stories with a visual component. With radio, your voice can only go so far. I want to be able to have a more multidimensional aspect of storytelling with video that I am not able to get with short radio stories. I felt more creative and interactive with my television internship. With this internship, I did my reporting in the office and interviews via phone. I would prefer to have the more intimate personal in-person connection with my sources.  I like the challenge of editing video versus editing only sound.


This experience has strengthened my resume. It has made me learn how to be a better reporter. I can speak with official sources with more confidence and ease. It also confirmed that TV is meant for me.  It made me want to work harder to achieve that dream more. But, I made solid connections with the staff that I will definitely use for references and such. I am so happy to have this experience.


Thanks for reading.

Stay Blessed,