Poem for My Mother: Mother’s Day Post

Blog Post Mother's Day 1

My mother


Hey guys! This post is for the queen of my life, my mother. I wanted to just show some appreciation to her.  I love her so much.  I encourage you to show some appreciation to your mother today.



As sure as I am that the sun will rise

My mother’s love will always be my prize

Who could ever compare to her?

No other person I know for sure

My mother walks with God’s radiance upon her

She taught me God’s ways so I would never wander

My mother is pure royalty

Her compassion for people doesn’t need a warranty

My mother gives her love freely

Her pure angel heart is something I really

Want to emulate one day

Dear I say

That she is my biggest inspiration

My greatest motivation

To live life to the fullest

To never have the dullest

Moment of your life

To never walk in strife

To always have joy

To never make a ploy

Because your life should reflect God

With everything she nods

To God’s perfect will for our lives

My mother always strives

To be selfless

Even when she is helpless

Her faith remains strong

She always has a joyful song

The world’s biggest encourager

She is never the discourager

She makes a room more livelier

Her zest for life is deeper

Yes, my mom is a keeper

No one works harder

Because for starters

Her motives to work are always pure

To create a better life for her

Daughters and Family

To be speak quite candidly

I have the world’s best mother

No there is no other

I don’t know what I would do

If I did not have you

You make the world a brighter place

There is no one else in this space called earth

That could ever replace who you are for me

This Mother’s Day and Always

No that you are loved beyond compare

Without you my life would be in despair

Please know that you are appreciated

And know that I have concentrated

My entire life to make you proud

I love you sweet mother