How To Get Your Mindset Right For The School Year

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Hey guys,

How are you? I go back to college (university for my non-American readers) next week. This is my third year, and possibly my last year. I’m so excited and I’ve started to mentally prepare myself for the work load ahead of me. This is a critical year and I’m going to be super busy. So I’d like to share with you all some tips to getting your mindset right for back to school.

1. Plan Your Intentions:

What is the main goal or accomplishment that you want to get out of this school year? When you think about that, write it down. Goals always seem more tangible when they are written down.  Then, you can start making smaller sub-points as to how you are going to execute that goal. For example, let’s say that this school year you set out to network more. You can make sub goals like I’m going to increase my LinkedIn following by 10 people this week. Or, I’m going to go to the professionals alumni conference in two months.  The main thing is that you know what you want out of the school year and how you are going to get there.

2. Do Your Research

Talk to students who have taken the classes you are going to take.  Look up the professor on Try to find course material that may be relevant to your classes and read up on it ahead of time. You always want to have an advantage in your classes.  Even if it’s as simple as knowing what the big final project will be ahead of time, it can be useful to you in the long run.

3.  Get Organized

I love using planners or writing down my To-Do-Lists.  Writing goals that you want to achieve every day helps you to stay on track with your main objective. This may just be me, but there’s something about crossing something off your To-Do-List that makes you feel good about yourself.  It allows you to be more productive because you’re not wasting time figuring out how you need to spend your day. Organization also means keeping a clean environment.  Studies have shown that having a clean, orderly environment can positive impact your productivity and studying capabilities.  Try to keep your home and study area clean and organized.  Even if you don’t study at home,  a cleanly environment makes a clutter-free mind.


Those are all the tips I have for you now. If you have more questions, comments, or concerns, leave a comment for me or message me through the contact section.


Stay Blessed,


Man’s Rejection Is God’s Redirection


Blog Post Man's Rejection


Hey guys!

I know,  I know it’s been so long. How are you guys doing? I hope all is well.   I’ve missed writing on my blog so much. But sis/bro, a lot has been going on. Today’s blog post has been on my heart for months now. This summer has been an emotional rollercoaster. I’m not a preacher by any means, but I believe God put this post on my heart. This is not just to encourage you all, but to encourage myself. That’s why it’s been taking me so long to write it.  You have to practice what you preach. Can I get an Amen?

Let me give you guys some background information.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a broadcast journalism major at the University of Central Florida. I aspire to be a TV reporter/anchor some day.  I’ve had two phenomenal internships and loads of other experience on my resume. I thought I had my ish together to land a national network internship. This summer I had countless interviews from top national TV  news internships and high market news stations across the country. I made it to numerous finalist lists.


“We’re sorry to inform you…”, “Thank you for applying but at this time we cannot…”

Basically,  I got rejected FROM ALL OF THEM! How was this possible? I got my first internship at a great station with less than half of the experience I had now.  I work hard. I pray. God this isn’t supposed to happen to me.

Then, one of the stations that I applied for told me they couldn’t offer me an internship, but they could offer me a part-time job with social media. Initially, I was so excited. Anything to get me out of my boring hometown of Lakeland, Florida for the summer. Although  it was not the kind of newsroom experience I wanted, some experience is better than none.  Things were falling in place. Till I calculated the living expenses and my salary and realized that I would be in deficit. I prayed and didn’t have peace with the decision. So, I declined the offer.

What else can I do in Lakeland, Florida? I decided to go on a job hunt for retail, food service, call centers, any and everything.  I got interviews for some,  rejections for others. The jobs that I were offered, declined me after they found out that I would have to leave in August.

I was like, let me get this straight God. I don’t have a summer internship. I don’t have a summer job.  Not to be dramatic, but do I even have a purpose this summer? Sn: I’m a really dramatic person and productivity queen, so being idle is a problem for me.

And God responded with a blessing…

If you read my last post about my life update, I’m going to be a published author.  In the midst of the storm, God blessed me with a publisher for my book. (I had countless rejections for that too…a long story for another day.) God opened up the door for me to have my book published.  I’m currently working on changing the creative direction for my story.  Let me tell you, writing takes work. God knew that he was planning for me to be a published author this fall. If I had an internship, I wouldn’t have had the time and energy to work as a writer full-time this summer. If I had gotten a job, I wouldn’t have been able to give my full attention to this creative story, that is so dear to my heart.

So the meat and potatoes of what I’m trying to say is… Man’s Rejection is God’s Redirection. It’s God’s Protection.

Here are some reasons why God may have allowed you to be rejected from something you wanted:

1. His plans are better:

God knows our end from our beginning. Sometimes when we cry and pray for something without asking for his will, he honestly laughs. He knows what’s best for you.  The thing that you might think is the best or only option to reach your dreams and goals, may not even be that great. If you were to get your way, you may have hated the job,  be miserable in the relationship, or lost yourself. Trust that he has the best intention for your life.

2. He wants to protect you:

What if you were to go to something or do a certain job and a fatal tragedy happened there? What if you got an opportunity, but you made a mistake that could cost you your reputation? Only God knows the unforseen dangers in this world. He loves you to much to let something hurt you physically or emotionally.

3.    You’re Not Ready Yet

Maybe the lost opportunity is something great that is meant for you. But maybe it’s not the right time for you to receive that blessing yet. God sometimes delays things in order for us to develop into who we need to be.  Also, the harsh reality is that life isn’t perfect. You can’t always get everything that you want. But you will always get everything that you need.

I hope this post encouraged you. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to comment or leave me a message on the contact section. I am so glad to be back to posting. If I don’t post as often, I’m probably busy with book things. #AuthorLife.

But I will try to be more consistent. Thank you guys for reading.

Stay Blessed,

Abisola XoXo