Poem for My Mother: Mother’s Day Post

Blog Post Mother's Day 1

My mother


Hey guys! This post is for the queen of my life, my mother. I wanted to just show some appreciation to her.  I love her so much.  I encourage you to show some appreciation to your mother today.



As sure as I am that the sun will rise

My mother’s love will always be my prize

Who could ever compare to her?

No other person I know for sure

My mother walks with God’s radiance upon her

She taught me God’s ways so I would never wander

My mother is pure royalty

Her compassion for people doesn’t need a warranty

My mother gives her love freely

Her pure angel heart is something I really

Want to emulate one day

Dear I say

That she is my biggest inspiration

My greatest motivation

To live life to the fullest

To never have the dullest

Moment of your life

To never walk in strife

To always have joy

To never make a ploy

Because your life should reflect God

With everything she nods

To God’s perfect will for our lives

My mother always strives

To be selfless

Even when she is helpless

Her faith remains strong

She always has a joyful song

The world’s biggest encourager

She is never the discourager

She makes a room more livelier

Her zest for life is deeper

Yes, my mom is a keeper

No one works harder

Because for starters

Her motives to work are always pure

To create a better life for her

Daughters and Family

To be speak quite candidly

I have the world’s best mother

No there is no other

I don’t know what I would do

If I did not have you

You make the world a brighter place

There is no one else in this space called earth

That could ever replace who you are for me

This Mother’s Day and Always

No that you are loved beyond compare

Without you my life would be in despair

Please know that you are appreciated

And know that I have concentrated

My entire life to make you proud

I love you sweet mother


Healthy Versions of Your Favorite Nigerian Meals

Hey guys,

I hope all is well. Summer is pretty much here. That means, time to get that body extra snatched than ever.  The problem with that, is that I love food. I am a self-proclaimed foodie. I especially love being Nigerian and eating all the foods my culture has to offer. However, sometimes the hearty Nigerian food can be very high in calories. Don’t fret! I have some tips on making healthier, lower calorie version of your favorite Nigerian dishes.

  1.  Green Plantain Pounded Yam

Blog Post Healthy Nigerian Food 1.jpg

This meal is for anyone that wants to eat a “swallow” (pounded yam, eba, iyan) without gaining weight.

You take 1 green plaintain and cut it up. Put it in the blender. Then, add about a cup or a handful of oatmeal (flavorless) and put it in the blender. Add some water and blend.  The mixture will be liquidized. Take the mixture and microwave it for 3 minutes. Add a little water and stir. Then microwave it for another 1-2 minutes. The consistency should look like the picture above.

Pair this “pounded yam” with kale (efo) to make it even healthier than regular spinach.

2.   Sweet Potato Asaro (Yam Porridge)

Blog Post Healthy Nigerian Food 2

Yams are delicious. However, they can be slightly fattening. If you are craving yam porridge, substitute the yams with sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes have less calories and are more nutrient dense.

Peel the sweet potatoes and chop them into pieces. Let it boil for some time.  Blend fresh tomatoes, habenero peppers, and onions.  Add the mixture to your boiling potatoes. If you like, add some tomato paste and tomato sauce. Season with your choice of Maggi, Adobo seasoning, Cayenne, and Caribbean seasoning. When the yams are soft, mash them together.

3.  Brown Rice Jollof with boli (roasted plantain)

Make your regular jollof rice recipe, but use brown rice instead. Also, roast or bake your plantains instead of frying them. They taste just as good.

Blog Post Healthy Nigerian Food 3.jpg


Blog Post Healthy Nigerian Food 4

Well, that’s all I have for today. If you are interested in more healthy food options, let me know in the comments or the contact section. I hope you enjoy.

Stay Healthy,


How To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin: Natural Hair, No Makeup

Blog Post Comfortable In Skin


Blog Post Comfortable In Skin 2

Blog Post Comfortable in Skin 3


Hey guys! So for this post. This is one of the few times that you have seen me with no makeup and with my natural hair.  This month of May, I am trying to leave my natural hair out the entire month. 90% of the time, I always have protective styles on my head. That means, I keep my natural hair covered with weaves or braids. However, it is important for your hair to breath and be treated underneath it all. The no makeup thing is not for the entire month.  Nonetheless, I want to minimize the amount of times I wear makeup just to let my skin breath. Truly being au naturale with no makeup and natural hair is so liberating. It took me a while to be comfortable with my natural hair.  So if you are struggling with being comfortable with your natural hair, body, skin or whatever, here are some tips to help you appreciate the real you.


I am a firm believer of speaking what you want into existence. Thus, if you tell yourself you are beautiful, then you will believe you are beautiful and your beauty will shine.  Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. You might feel silly telling yourself positive things about yourself. But it will help you to believe in yourself when you do.


You get what you put in. While you should love your body and skin no matter what state it’s in, taking care of it will help you to appreciate it more.  Working out, eating healthy, and finding a perfect skin care regimen helps with your confidence. Take time for self care and eliminate the stressors in your life.


For all my naturalista sisters, there are so many natural hairstyles to choose from. Plus,  there are countless YouTube tutorials.  Once you find that one or two styles that make you feel bomb, stick with them. It helps to make you feel more comfortable rocking your hair when you have a go-to that is always a banger.


Sometimes when you look in the mirror, you think of yourself as being worse than you are. If you take a picture, with good lighting of course, you will see that your flaws are more trivial than you make them to be.  Seeing recurring images of your makeup free self, helps you to get used to that aesthetic.  The same thing for natural hair.


When you really get in touch with who you are in Christ,  your confidence grows. Not just in your outward appearance, but in your characteristics.  Remember that you are all fearfully and wonderfully made. God did not make any mistakes on you.

Here are some confidence building songs to listen to.

  1. India Arie- “Private Pary”
  2.  Colbie Caillat-” Try”
  3. India Arie- “Video”
  4. India Arie- “I am Not My Hair”
  5.  Christina Aguilera- “Beautiful”
  6.  Esperanza Spalding- “Black Gold”

I hope you enjoyed this post.


Stay Beautiful,



Spring 2018 Semester Reflection

BLOG POST Spring 2018 Semester

Hey guys! How’s it going? My second year of college is officially over! I am thrilled. College is going by so fast and I can’t even keep up. This semester was filled with lots of ups and downs. But overall it has been one of the most fruitful. Let’s reflect on some of the good, and some of the bad.


This semester I took a fourth level Spanish class.  Spanish is my minor and for most of my life Spanish came easy to me. However, this semester’s Spanish class challenged me like never before. I was astounded that I even came out without any burns. (I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but sis, it was tough) The reason that it was so challenging was because 90% of the class was filled with native speakers. They spoke at such a fast pace that it was difficult to understand. Plus, my teacher was a Spaniard and his accent was difficult to decipher as well. Often times I would just pick out key words and phrases to make it through the class. Continually, because it was a speaking class,  we would have debates in Spanish. I barely like to debate in English. We would never know the topic beforehand and we never knew when we would get picked to debate. Also, we had to do 15 hours of community service in Spanish. Ultimately, this class was doing the most.

Another not so pleasant part of the semester was my International Media class. Although the content was interesting, there was so much material. Also, the tests were not fully representative of the material in the modules. It was so grueling studying for that class.


I had a radio internship this semester. If you haven’t already checked out my radio internship reflection, please do so. This semester the class that I thought I would dread the most (because of the teacher)  turned out to be my favorite class. This semester I took Electronic Journalism 1. It’s basically a radio and television news writing class.  To God’s glory, I excelled in this class. I made some of the top grades and my teacher ended up really appreciating my work ethic and complimented me for it. It truly made me realize even more that journalism is my calling. I felt so much peace that reporting and anchoring is the perfect path for my future.

This semester, I also had a lot more free time. I was only taking 3 classes but with 13 credits, because my internship counted as a class.  I got to spend more time with my friends and really do more self care things.  There were only a handful of moments where I was genuinely stressed.  My grades were also a reflection of the amount of time I had to do my work.

This semester also went by very quickly. Before I knew it, I was done with classes.

I am grateful for the school year that I had. It was a solid 8/10. I can’t wait to see what year 3 brings for me.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Stay Blessed,

Abisola XoXo



Radio Internship Reflection

Blog Post Radio



Hey guys,

How are you doing? I wanted to do a quick update on my internship that I had this semester. This semester I interned with WMFE 90.7 News. This is a radio news station that is Orlando’s npr (National Public Radio) station.  I had the opportunity to pitch my own story ideas and write and voice them on air. Yes, I was on the radio. Shout out to my friends who listened and would hype me up about it.  So let’s get down to it.



This semester was the perfect time to have this internship. My journalism class that I am in now Electronic Journalism 1 is a radio writing class. I definitely feel like I had an advantage with this internship. It was like extra practice for class and it showed in my grades this semester.  I also became a better conversational broadcast writer. The most exciting part of the day was going in the studio and voicing my track. I felt so official. This internship gave me a lot of web stories that I will be able to include in my portfolio. Also, it gave me the opportunity to add a unique experience for my resume. I am very grateful. Plus, it counted as an academic  elective class so I could take less classes this semester. A 3-credit class with no homework? It was lit.


Although I am extremely fortunate to have this internship, it taught me what I do not want to have in a future career.  I learned that radio may not be for me in the future. I want to pursue a career in television news. Here’s why: From my previous internship with a television station, I felt happier with telling stories with a visual component. With radio, your voice can only go so far. I want to be able to have a more multidimensional aspect of storytelling with video that I am not able to get with short radio stories. I felt more creative and interactive with my television internship. With this internship, I did my reporting in the office and interviews via phone. I would prefer to have the more intimate personal in-person connection with my sources.  I like the challenge of editing video versus editing only sound.


This experience has strengthened my resume. It has made me learn how to be a better reporter. I can speak with official sources with more confidence and ease. It also confirmed that TV is meant for me.  It made me want to work harder to achieve that dream more. But, I made solid connections with the staff that I will definitely use for references and such. I am so happy to have this experience.


Thanks for reading.

Stay Blessed,


Quarter of the Year Check In: Fitness, Relationships, and Career



Hey guys!

What’s good? What’s poppin? I hope you all are doing fantastic.

Can you believe we’re at the 1/4 mark of the year.  I’m shook. I feel like each year of my life keeps going faster and faster. 2018 is not playing games with how fast it’s going. Sometimes I’m like sis slow down. I wanted to do a little check in as to how my year is going so far.

Let’s start with the not so pleasant, so we can end on a high note.


You know the cliche New Year’s resolutions that you make to “workout more”, “eat healthier”  and “lose weight.” Well, I fell into that. I definitely have a few pounds that I would like to lose, as well as toning up my body more.

In January, I did the Daniel Fast (not for weight loss reasons) and lost a total of 6 lbs in 3 weeks. Since then ,I have been on an up and down gaining and losing the weight. I have lost more and I have gained more. Right now, I feel like I am on a fitness plateau. This year has been the most relaxed that I have ever been with my fitness and diet. I hardly work out and indulge more than ever.

All that stops now though. I’m not going to beat myself up for past actions (I’m human. I make mistakes.) However, I am going to work harder for the rest of the year to knock my fitness goals out of the park.


I definitely feel like I have strengthened the bonds that I have with my friends. I have not necessarily made any new friends, but I finally feel like I have officially established a solid college friend group. I am learning to appreciate my friends more and I have definitely had more time to hang out with them this year.

In regards to romantic relationships, that’s still a dub. I’ve learned more about myself and the type of relationship that I desire. Watching the #RelationshipGoals series on YouTube has put things into perspective. I’ve also attended Dating with Purpose event hosted by YouTuber Ashley Empowers and her husband.

I can honestly and openly say that I feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for a relationship. However, I’m waiting on God’s rightful man to come into my life and pursue me accordingly.


This area of my life has made of the biggest strides so far. For those of you who don’t know, I interned at a radio station this semester. I had the opportunity to be on-air and report on stories that I pitched. I am currently in my first upper level broadcast journalism class and I am blessed to say that I am doing well. Mini testimony, my professor who is known for being Margaret Thatcher tough-as-nails strict and hard complimented me today. He said that I am doing very well and that he wishes he had a class full of students like me. What an honor! This class just made me really confirm the fact that I am doing what I am called to do.

My Spanish class is another story.  Spanish is my minor and up until this point, I have felt that I have a pretty good grasp of the language. However, this class has pushed me to limits that I never thought were possible.  The class is filled with 90% native Spanish speakers. It has been extremely intimidating. My confidence in my speaking has gone down.  Nonetheless, I am learning that I have to go above and beyond if I want to be fluent. I have begun to watch telenovelas to get extra practice in. Plus, there has been good moments. For example, when I did community service for the class, someone thought I was an Afro-Latina because of the way that I spoke. I felt really proud of myself.


Overall,  this year is going by pretty smoothly. Some lows, but mostly highs. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.

Let me know how your year is going in the comments or contact section of the blog.

Stay Blessed,



“Walk It Like I Talk It”: Lessons You Can Learn From The Migos


Blog Migos


Hey guys!

How’s it going? I wanted to do something silly and fun. If you listen to  modern hip hop or trap music, then you have definitely heard of  The Migos. While some people condemn trap music and say that it is a bad influence ( they have a reasonable point), I like to see the good in everything.

The Migos have a song called “Walk It Like I Talk It.” It’s such a catchy song with a nice beat.  Although their song may have ulterior motives, I couldn’t help but correlate it to my walk with Christ.

You’ve probably heard the saying “you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk.” (Paraphrase)

How does that apply to your walk with Christ? I believe it’s important for us to practice what we preach.  Oftentimes there are people who say with their mouths (talk it) that they are Christians, but their actions (walk it) don’t line up with the word of God. Now I am not here to judge or condemn anyone, however,  I am a firm believer that by their fruit, you shall know them.

If you are a Christian, you should exude and radiate God’s love. Your words should be edifying. Your deeds should give God glory.  Your life will be a reflection of his blessings. If that’s not the case, then you might need to have a reevaluation of that self-proclaimed title.  I know that I am not worthy and I make mistakes. However, as trap-like and lowkey ratchet, this song is, it made me think about practicing what I preach more.

We can get so caught up in serving in the church, fellowships, bible studies and neglect the personal relationship that is the core of it all.  How can we lead others to the kingdom if we are not walking like kingdom citizens? I encourage you all to truly think about embodying Godly traits before you showcase it for the world to see.

If you don’t, then you may be giving off a false persona of godliness that is being fed by the desire to seem holy on social media. Let’s be conscious not to “do it for the gram” with our relationship with God, but do it for Jesus.

That’s all I really have to say about this. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave me one through the contact section.


I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Stay Blessed,

Abisola Xoxo

20 Things I Learned By Age 20


20th Bday Shoot 64


Hey guys!

How are you all? For those of you who don’t know, I turned 20 years old this past week. (February 27) I can’t believe it. I’m so excited for what this new season will bring.  I feel like I’m about to fully start adulting.

With this in mind, I have accumulated some life lessons along the way. I wanted to share with you 20 of them.

1.God’s timing is the best time:

Our ways are not His ways.  God knows what is best for us in the right moment. Trust the process. He’s ALWAYS on time.

2.  Troubles Don’t Last Forever:

If you feel like you’re in a dark season, just know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a season for everything under the sun. Ups and downs are just a part of life.

3. The only person who will never disappoint you, is God:

Even your closest friends and family may let you down in one way or the other.  The only perfect person is Jesus Christ.

4. People Pleasing Will Only Hurt You

5. If one door closes another door will open.

Rejection is God’s way of giving you something better.

6.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Make the most out of bad situations.

7.  Never compromise in your friendships and other relationships.

You deserve nothing but the best. Your friends and partners should meet your REASONABLE standards.

8. Patience is a virtue that’s easier said than done.

9.  Trends are fleeting. Make most of your closet classic pieces that can last a long time.

10. Less is more when it comes to cosmetics and fashion

Not everyday highlight and contour. Sometimes rock your bare face.  Also, when it comes to jewelery and accessories, a little goes a long way.

11. Love your body, even if there’s things you want to change about it.

Body confidence is about accepting your flaws and loving yourself even with them.

12.  A clean and organized environment, makes an organized life:

There’s a shift in your mood and atmosphere when your area is tidy. Declutter often.

13.  Time is money don’t let anyone waste yours.


14. Never feel like you have to change yourself to be liked.

If someone can’t see how much of a catch you are by yourself, then you don’t need them.

15.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Yes you’re going to make mistakes. But learn from them and move forward.

16. There’s blessings in each season of your life. Don’t rush the process.

17.  Be proud of your culture and heritage.

I have never been more proud of being a black Nigerian woman as I am now. Learning and embracing where you came from makes life so much more fulfilling.

18. Cherish the time you have with family.

Soon you’ll be grown and you won’t get to see your family nearly as much. Savor every moment you have with them.

19.  Your only validation should come from God.

People will always put their too cents in. They will love you today and hate you tomorrow. But your self-worth should be based on what Jesus says about you.

20.  FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is dumb.

There will always be another turn up. There will always be another event.  Chances are missing out on something for a valid reason is worth not going to the event. Nothing is groundbreaking.

I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know which lesson you’re going to remember.


Stay Blessed,

Abisola XoXo20th Bday Shoot 64

Black Panther Rewiew: Worth The Hype or Nah?

Blog Post Black Panther.jpg

Hey guys! What’s up? I hope all is well. If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure you all have heard of the new movie “Black Panther” that premiered this weekend.

As a black woman, I have been waiting for this movie to come out for about a year or longer.  This movie has become more of a movement than a movie. It has brought black people  from all different backgrounds and different parts of the diaspora together. It has united us to show out in our best African regalia or even just show up to the theaters to support. A black superhero that we can all love and support? Count me in.

So let me give you the honest review of this movie.


This movie was on some next level ish with the film quality. I loved how it captured the beauty of what Africa can really look like.  The image quality was pristine and captivating. It really took you on a magical journey of what this fictional Wakanda can really look like.

The costumes were pretty dope too.  Some were traditional and some took Westernized versions of what African clothes would look like.

Overall I would give it a 9/10 in this category.



The plot was very unique and intriguing. It wasn’t your typical Marvel movie. It dealt with social issues that black people face, especially the effects of the African diaspora.

The plot also kept you guessing. It was definitely not predictable. I felt like I wanted to pay attention to each scene because a new nugget of information was given.

The acting was phenomenal.  I want to commend Chadwick Boseman for being a good example of a strong black man that was still loveable. I also want to give Michael B. (Bae) Jordan a shout out too. Yes, he may be fine, but his acting made you hate his character. As hard as it was not to root for him, his evil character got the job done.

I can’t forget all the powerful female bosses. Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyongo, all of them were perfect examples of Black Girl Magic.

I would give it a 9.5/10  in this category.

Societal Impact

Like I mentioned before, this movie did a fantastic job at bringing black people together. I love that we can unite for such a positive cause. This movie is going to change the way people view Africa, and African Americans. It’s going to create and open dialogue for conversations about representation in the film industry.

I am so proud of this movie. It made me so proud to be a black African woman.

You know a movie is good when it resonates with you personally.

This category gets a 10/10.

Overall, this movie is a must-see. I highly recommend it. There is action, laughter, drama and culture.  You will feel empowered and inspired after watching it.

Overall score: 9.5/10


I’d love for you all to share with me what you liked about the movie in the comments or contact section.


Have a blessed day,

Abisola Xoxo

Valentine’s Day Edition: I’m Falling In Love?



20th Bday Shoot 20Hey guys,

How are you all doing? For those of you who don’t know, I’m a pisces.  My birthday is (February 27th).  One of the characteristic traits that we are supposed to have is being hopeless romantics. I’ve got to admit, I definitely fall into that pisces stereotype. What can I say I love love? However, I’ve also been vocal in saying that I’ve been single basically my whole life. I can talk about the season of singleness in another post.

However,  now in this stage of my life, I’ve fallen deeply in love with someone.

His name is…Jesus. Now before you leave this post thinking that I used the title for clickbait, let me explain.

While strengthening your relationship with Jesus is important anytime, it is even more critical in the time of singleness. If you’re a Christian, you have to be whole in yourself and in your identity with Christ before you can add someone else to the mix. Two “half” people don’t make a whole, two whole people do.

With this in mind, I want to share a little bit about how I fell in love with Jesus.

As many people do,  I grew up in the Christian faith.  I always had a relationship with God, but like most people, that relationship fluctuated. I am not perfect, so I would fall short with the same sins routinely over and over again.

Last year, I felt like I really rededicated my life to Christ again. I made conscious efforts to pray actively, dig into his word, and really seek intimacy.  I’m blessed to say that this growth has continued through this year.

Fast forward to today and I feel the giddiness of falling in love. Jesus is my best friend and the person I can tell my deepest secrets, insecurities and fears.  The best part is that I know that he loves me more than I can or will ever love him. He shows me by waking me up every morning, giving me good health, peace, purpose, favor, and blessings.

The song “Reckless Love” by Bethel Music, perfectly describes the intensity of God’s love for us. It just amazes me that the creator of the Universe can love me so much that he died for me. It has me shook that he wants relationship with me of all people.

So if you’re single like me or even if you are in a relationship, I encourage you all to fall in love with God. It is more fulfilling and satisfying than any human relationship can possibly give you.

Plus, when you seek him, all good things will be added unto you. It’s a win-win situation.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.